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Whether you manage a small business or a large organization, ensuring that your staff holds valid certifications and licenses is critical to avoiding potential costly Compliance issues. In a time where regulations can change quickly, staying ahead of compliance can be daunting and expensive. Automating occupational license and certification Verifications is one way to reduce risk and improve efficiency.

Verifying that your employees, contractors, or other staff have the proper credentials is a critical part of any organizational risk management process. Doing it manually can quickly become time consuming and expensive if verification needs to take place across several states or jurisdictions that have their own requirements. It also requires time and energy to track license expiration and regularly check for suspensions or other disciplinary action against the license or certifications held.

The good news is that automated license and certification verification provides organizations with a powerful tool to manage compliance. In this guide, we will cover the process of automating your license and certification verification in order to reduce the risks and administrative burden associated with compliance.

What is Automated License Verification?

Automated license verification is a way to electronically verify the credentials and regulation compliance of its staff. It is a system that allows an employer or other verifier to confirm that the license and/or certifications held by the employee or contractor are active and not suspended.

Automated verification services can check for current status, expiration dates and any other potential violations associated with an individual?s license or certification. In addition, they can provide changes in status, including expiration dates, licensing renewals, suspensions, and other disciplinary actions.

The Benefits of Automated License Verification

Automated license verification provides many benefits to employers and other verifiers, including:

Access to up-to-date information on licenses and certifications across jurisdictions.

The ability to verify multiple licenses and certifications quickly and easily.

Complete visibility into the status of licensure for any professional within the organization.

Real-time tracking of expirations, renewals, and disciplinary actions.

Improved team productivity as automatic updates occur.

Reduction of risk associated with the employment of non-compliant professionals.

How to Use Automated License Verification Services

Using an automated license verification service involves several steps. The first step is creating a system of records with all the licenses and certifications you wish to monitor. Next, you must create pre-defined workflows that will allow you to process license applications. These workflows should include each verification step and must make sure that all steps are completed according to the specific regulations of each jurisdiction.

Once you have created and implemented the workflows, you can submit license applications to the automated license verification service, which will then verify the credentials across each jurisdiction. This process should be repeated each time an employee, contractor, or other staff member changes their license or certification status.

The automated license verification service will return results about any potential non-compliance or disciplinary action related to the license or certifications, which can help the organization take corrective action quickly.

How Certemy Helps Businesses Automate License Verification

Certemy is a leader in automated license and certification verification and is trusted by some of the largest organizations in the U.S. to improve workforce compliance. Our system enables organizations to easily track, manage and verify employee credentials in one comprehensive system of record.

Certemys high-level workflows are completely configurable and are designed to help organizations automate the license application process efficiently and effectively. They make it easy to track license expiration dates, renewals, and disciplinary action across all jurisdictions.

In addition, Certemys License Verification tool provides organizations with access to real-time updates on an individual’s license or certification status. This includes automated notifications when licenses or certifications are due for renewal or have been suspended or revoked.

Concluding perspectives

Organizational compliance is a complex task that requires a great deal of time and resources. Automating the license and certification verification process with an automated service such as Certemy can reduce the time and costs associated with the process and help organizations stay ahead of potential compliance issues.

In addition, automating the license and certification process enables organizations to keep a record of their employee credentials and regulate their compliance more efficiently. By utilizing automated license verification services, organizations can reduce risk and save time, ensuring that their staff holds valid licenses and certifications.


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