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Primary source Verification of employee credentials is an imperative for Compliance and human resources operations management. Certemy is a cutting-edge license verification platform that provides automated primary source verification to track and manage employee licenses and qualifications in real-time. This article will explore the advantages of utilizing automated license and certification verification, staying ahead of regulatory changes, pre-built workflows, and the tracking of staff credentials in one system of record.

The benefits of utilizing an automated licensing and certification verification platform are vast. First and foremost, it provides complete visibility and control of a workforce?s compliance program. By automating license tracking and primary source verification, employers can stay ahead of regulatory compliance. Certemys automated license verification system validates occupational licenses and certifications to ensure that employees remain active, appropriately renewed, and free of sanctions and other disciplinary actions.

Furthermore, through the use of pre-built workflows, employers can configure automated license application processes with Certemy. This provides a quick and efficient means of managing employee licensing and certifications, allowing employers to track and confirm all credentials in real-time from a single system of record. This amplification of workflow control provides employees with the opportunity to not only increase productivity, but also ensures that employers maintain visibility across their entire organization.

Additionally, automated licensing and certification verification simplifies the human resources process. It eliminates the need for manual tracking of employee credentials and reduces the risk of regulatory non-compliance. Not to mention, if a mistake is found, systems like Certemy help users easily find the appropriate way to fix it. All of this saves an incredible amount of time that can be utilized elsewhere in a human resources department.

Overall, automated primary source verification of employee licenses and certifications is an essential element of human resources operations. Certemy provides a comprehensive, cloud-based solution that serves as a single system of record and allows employers to efficiently track, manage, and verify employee credentials in a timely manner.


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