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The need for organizations to remain in compliance with government regulatory standards has become an increasingly important factor to consider in many sectors. Having a reliable system to verify professional licenses of employees is essential in helping organizations navigate the complexities of regulatory compliance. Automated primary source verification for professional licenses is one viable solution to this need.

Certemy is a leader in license verification software that allows organizations to track and manage active licenses, certifications, and credentials with automated primary source verification. By using specialized algorithms, employers can efficiently validate occupational licenses from regulatory bodies while mitigating the chances of license or credential expiration. In addition, this system provides compliance directors with an efficient and reliable way to track employee licensure and confirm its accuracy.

This automated primary source verification system is also beneficial because it reduces the need for staff to manually check for licensure accuracy or renewal of credentials. With pre-built workflows that are fully configurable, employees can apply for licensure without spending too much time manually researching individual license information. This efficient tracking system also enables organizations to better monitor and adhere to regulatory compliance standards.

In addition to expediting the process of verifying professional licenses, Automated Primary Source Verification (APSR) also allows organizations to control their compliance with educational requirements. With the help of advanced technology, employers are capable of instantly verifying transcript records for prospective employees. This seamless integration of APSR not only speeds up the credentialing process, but also helps to ensure that professionals are properly trained and qualified for the job.

The ability to accurately track and manage licenses, certifications, and credentials with automated primary source verification also aids in the development of a more efficient workforce. By managing and monitoring employee licensure in a reliable system of record, organizations can improve staff productivity and visibility across the entire organization. Additionally, with an automated system, organizations can keep tabs on their employees and ensure that they remain in compliance with all regulatory mandates.

Overall, automated primary source verification is an essential tool for organizations to implement in order to improve efficiency, track licensure records, and ensure compliance with governmental regulations. Certemys license verification is designed to save time, reduce risk, and enhance team productivity in an organization. Its advanced technology makes license application and credential submission processes easier, allowing organizations the ability to quickly and effectively verify professional licenses and transcripts.


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