License Verification Tool | MHA -?Master of Healthcare Administration

The process of validating professional licenses and certifications across your employees to assure compliance, efficiency, and accuracy has proven to be a vital part of successful workforce management. Certification programs such as Certemy’s Automated Primary Source Verification (APV) system provide companies with visibility, control, and trust for employers looking to maintain optimal staff utilization and mitigate risk.

APV is a real-time tracking system of employee licenses and credentials in one single system of record, helping to increase team productivity and visibility across the entire organization. This software solution is designed to stay ahead of regulatory compliance by focusing on automating license application processes with pre-built workflows that are configurable by the company?s HR team.

A sample of license that APV can help employers automate are the much sought-after Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA). This specialized degree is in high demand for organizations seeking to fill Healthcare Administration roles, but the process of verifying the licenses and credentials of potential candidates can be labor intensive and often require physical copies of documents to be scanned and sent to HR teams.

APV helps streamline this process by verifying an employee?s license in real time with the primary source, speeding up the hiring process and minimizing any risk of human errors. The system is also able to regularly synchronize with Occupational Licensing Services to ensure that the employee?s information remains up to date and accompanies their records throughout their tenure at the organization.

In addition to the verification of occupational licenses, APV also helps employers automate and track the progress of additional certifications and qualifications its employees may need to maintain. This includes important exams such as the CPA (certified public accountant) or CFA (certified financial analyst), both of which involve significant work and numerous hours in preparing for the test. With its configurable workflow, APV simplifies this burden and makes the tracking of such certifications easier than ever.

Employers have trusted APV to provide them with visibility, control, and trust for their compliance program while saving time and improving staff utilization. Keeping their workforce in compliance with the latest licenses, certification, and qualification is essential for any organization. With the use of APV?s Automated Primary Source Verification system, they can do just that.


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