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Certification and licensing are important for any field of work as it not only establishes the credibility but also improves the efficiency in performing the related duties. As an employer, It is crucial for you to guarantee that your employee certifications are authentic, renewed, and free from any kind of sanctions or disciplinary actions. All these demands accountability, visibility, and control, which is now achievable with automated primary source Verification.

In this article, we will explore the dynamics of how you can effectively manage a license verification program using automated primary source verification for Certified Occupational Health Nurses.

What Is Automated Primary Source Verification?

Automated primary source verification has revolutionized the way HR operations handle their license and certification programs. It is a validation system that helps employers verify if an employees license or certification is renewed, active, and free of any kind of disciplinary action. This system helps save time and effort in the manual process of authenticating an employees licensure.

How Does Automated Primary Source Verification Work?

Automated primary source verification consolidates the entire licensure credentials tracking and management system into one centralized system of record. It allows employers to immediately monitor, collect, and trace employee credentials, licenses, and certifications in real-time. The system is also equipped with a configurable workflow automation feature that automatically applies all necessary license applications in the process.

The Benefits of Automated Primary Source Verification for Occupational Licensing Programs

Using automated primary source verification for Certified Nursing programs and other occupations has plenty of benefits for HR operations. These include:

Real-time tracking of employee licensure and certifications;

Specialized workflows that are configurable to suIt ispecific licensing applications;

Complete visibility and control over the corporate Compliance program;

Automated tracking and management for license and credentials verification;

Mitigation of risk by staying ahead of all regulatory compliance;

Improved team productivity and visibility across the whole organization.

The Bottom Line

The right systems and tools are needed to ensure that the license and certification program performed by Certified Occupational Heath Nurses is current and valid. Automated primary source verification is the perfect tool to efficiently and accurately confirm an employees credentials. It not only allows employers to monitor and manage their employees licensure but also gives access to real-time tracking and advanced workflow automation features.


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