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With ever-increasing regulations and changing compliance requirements, businesses need to stay on top of employee license and certificatation status. Automated license verification systems provide a dependable solution for employers to easily verify and track licenses and credentials in one system of record.

Manually checking and verifying licenses is a tedious and time consuming task, that is not only inefficient, but also exposes a business to the potential of non-compliance. With the risk of fines or other disciplinary actions, it is important for employers to track and monitor employees licenses and credentials in an organized, up-to-date manner. As a result, businesses are turning to automated license verification systems to ensure that their regulatory compliance needs are met.

Certemy, a leader in license verification, provides a comprehensive solution for businesses and organizations to meet their regulatory compliance needs. The Certemy platform offers an automated primary source verification system that validates, records, and tracks occupational licenses and certifications across all employees. Organizations can stay in front of regulatory compliance by automating the license tracking and verification process.

Certemys automated license verification system comes with extensive features that streamline the license application process. Employers have full visibility into credential status and expiration dates, giving them complete control and understanding over their workforce compliance program. Certemy enables businesses to easily monitor each employees license and credentials, making it much simpler for organizations to stay compliant.

Certemy also offers powerful workflows that are designed to automate license application processes and streamline the process for employees. With intuitive user interfaces and a user-friendly design, organizations can quickly and easily manage their workflow processes and stay ahead of compliance standards.

By leveraging Certemys license verification system, businesses can save valuable time, mitigate risk, and improve team utilization. Additionally, employers are able to improve visibility across the entire organization and have real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one system of record.

Automated license verification systems provide an efficient, easy-to-use solution for businesses to verify and track employee license and credentials. By using a real-time tracking system with comprehensive features such as automated source verification, employers can stay ahead of regulatory compliance and save time in the process.


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