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Recent reports indicate that a growing number of employers are turning to automated primary source license Verification systems (LVS) to assist with their human resources Compliance programs. An LVS is a comprehensive tool that automates the process of verifying the credentials of individuals in the workforce and provides real-time tracking of their current status and renewals. Employers are increasingly seeing the value of investing in a license verification system to ensure compliance and improve staff productivity.

When businesses fail to properly verify licenses and credentials of an employee, it can open the organization up to substantial fines and civil or criminal liabilities. Many organizations may be reluctant to invest in a license verification system due to the cost or perceived complexity of setting up the technology. However, there are a number of significant benefits to leveraging automated LVS to confirm the eligibility of occupational licenses held by employees, including:

Time and Cost Savings

The manual process of confirming credentials, including gathering all requested forms, submitting them to the appropriate regulatory agencies, and verifying the returned responses, can take significant time and resources. With an automated LVS, the process can be quickly completed with minimal effort on the part of the employer. The cost savings with an automated system is tremendous, as organizations can avoid time-consuming hours spent reviewing documents and waiting for responses from regulatory agencies.

Improved Accuracy and Efficiency

Human error is one of the biggest risks in manual credentialcheck processes ? if a form is filled out or submitted incorrectly, critical information can be missed or incorrect. Mistakes can have very serious consequences for the employer, who may find themselves facing substantial fines or legalaction.

An automated LVS eliminates this risk, as all of the information and forms are submitted without any manual input required. The result is a standard process for all employees and a greatly decreased risk of errors.

Greater Visibility and Control

Leveraging an automated LVS also provides operational insight into what workers have and what they don?t. This is especially important when considering the applicable and ever changing laws and regulations. It also helps management and HR professionals see any changes in an employees eligibility or licensing. With visibility into the license status of employees, businesses are better able to track the compliance of their workforce across all locations.

Faster and Easier Certification Renewals

The process of renewing licenses and credentials is a complex and time-consuming process, and speeding up the process is critical for employers. With an automated LVS, renewal notifications can be configured to give HR departments ample time to renew credentials before they expire ? reducing the risk of work delays. Furthermore, the streamlined process ensures that the correct documents are updated with the correct regulatory bodies.

Improved Staff Utilization

With an automated LVS, businesses can keep better tabs on which employees have the necessary licenses and certifications to do their job. This helps employers quickly identify who can move into certain roles and who needs to be trained to be eligible for a position. Properly utilizing employees for their capacities can help ensure the efficiency of operations and keep businesses competitive.


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