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When businesses employ a large workforce, it can be difficult to keep track of worker licenses and credentials. With certifications and educational credentials constantly evolving with changes to legislation, understanding who is currently compliant can be a complex and time-consuming task.

Primary source verification is an automated system that streamlines and simplifies these tasks, reducing the strain on resources while keeping businesses safe from legal, financial, and security risks. This article will examine how real-time tracking of employee license and certifications, automated process workflows, and primary source verification all play a role in managing a workforce to compliance optimization.

The Benefits of License and Credential Tracking

By utilizing a license and credential tracking system, businesses can identify and manage potential risks posed by the traditional methods of managing an employees documentation. Tracking the validity of professional licenses and certifications helps ensure businesses stay compliant with legislation and industry standards, while providing insight into who is up-to-date on their professional credentials.

Tracking lets businesses know when certifications, licenses and credentials need to be renewed and which employees qualify for additional certifications and education. This boosts staff utilization and team productivity, as well as provides businesses with the opportunity to stay informed about developments in their industry. With an automated license tracking system, businesses can also quickly identify sanctioned employees, suspended licenses, and fraudulent certification materials.

Managing Workflows and Integrations

Businesses must be able to maintain a central repository of their employee information. With an automated tracking system, all the necessary information is preserved and tracked from one single source, eliminating tedious manual processes. Businesses can easily manage workflows, with pre-built processes that can be customized toward specific needs.

The system should also be able to integrate with existing workflow systems and document repositories, such as HR systems, benefits programs, and electronic recruitment systems. Documents can be automatically pulled from these existing systems, making sure the employee information remains up-to-date. Additionally, the system should be able to automatically provide real-time feedback to both the employee and the business, allowing the necessary adjustments to be made quickly and easily.

Primary Source Verification

Primary source verification (PSV) is the most accurate means of verifying and validating employee records. It involves contacting the source (such as the licensing office) and confirming an individual’s credentials or professional qualifications. Primary source verifications significantly reduce the risk of employing individuals with fraudulent credentials or qualifications.

PSV is especially important for businesses that rely on highly qualified personnel, such as doctors, lawyers, and other medical and legal professionals. PSV ensures that businesses are employing a fully qualified individual, rather than someone with false certifications or qualifications.

Stay Compliant and Optimize Your Workforce with Primary Source Verification

Employing a regular and rigorous system of primary source verification can make it easier and more efficient to comply with legislation, industry standards, legal requirements, and security protocols. By automating the verification process, businesses can save time, mitigate risk, and improve their staff utilization.

Real-time tracking of employee license and credentials in one system of record, combined with automated processes and primary source verification can significantly reduce the strain of compliance on resources. Certifiedy is a state-of-the-art system that provides complete visibility and control over your workforce compliance program, so that businesses can stay on top of their regulatory requirements.


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