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Modern organizations want more visibility and control of their workforce compliance plans, and primary source verification is the key. An automated license tracking system is a must-have technology for organizations of all sizes, whether they are starting from scratch or transitioning their license tracking practices. Such a system provides real-time tracking of employee licenses and certifications in one place. With a comprehensive and automated license tracking system, holding organizations accountable to keep their workforce compliant with licensure and accreditation is no longer a major challenge.

A well-running license tracking system:

1. Automatically tracks and manages licences and certifications

2. Mitigates the risk of non-compliance with regulatory requirements

3. Reduces time spent on tedious compliance tasks

4. Improves staff utilization and productivity

5. Grants complete visibility and control of your workforce compliance programs

Certemy is an industry leader in automating primary source verification for license/certification tracking. Their verification system is designed to check the status of an employees licensure or certification, be it active, expired, or invalid, and is trusted by the largest US employers across different industry sectors. A properly installed automated license tracking system also offers users the flexibility to configure pre-built workflows to save valuable time and resources when it comes to license application processes.

Furthermore, an automated track and verification of licensure or certification also centralizes reporting and data collection, allowing the Human Resource Department to have a summary of all tracked and verified data in one place?which can be used for internal compliance audit checks.

Managing an organizations license application process is tedious and error-prone. The renewal and filing of multiple applications, permits, and licenses is often left on the shoulders of affected staff. Thus, manual tracking is time-consuming and increases the chances of missing a renewal or error on paperwork. An automated license tracking system lets HR managers breathe easier and focus on productive tasks.

By implementing an automated license tracking system, organizations can reduce errors, ensure employees stay compliant with regulations, and spend less time worrying about paperwork.


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