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The healthcare, construction, financial services, and legal industries all require their employees to hold valid certifications, badges, and licenses. Whether they are practicing in nursing homes, engineer offices, or financial institutions, the right certification and licenses must be obtained to prove they are qualified to work in that profession. As employees leap over the hurdles of acquiring their permanent and professional qualifications, those companies responsible for their employment must also remain ahead of the curve. This means companies must ensure their workforce compliance with primary source verification and tracking.

Certemy is a leader in license verification services, offering a non-intrusive and automated system that validates licenses, certificates, and other credentials for employees in real-time. By leveraging pre-built workflows that are fully customizable, employers can track licenses and certifications and have the peace of mind that those are current, accurately renewed, and free from any disciplinary action.

Aside from providing businesses with the resources and tools to automate license application processes, Certemy also helps alleviate the stress of disciplinary and regulatory compliance. Manually verifying occupational licenses and certificates may take considerable time, and would require extensive paperwork and a devoted staff to go through files and documents. By having an automated system in place, Certemy helps business save time, reduce expenses, and manage risk appropriately.

Certemy offers complete visibility for employers to have complete control over their workforce compliance program. Through its comprehensive system of records, employers can easily and thoroughly track employee credentials and licenses, utilize those that apply to each job position, and improve staff utilization, thus freeing time for businesses to focus on future plans.

Moreover, employers are alerted of impending deadlines. Such notifications not only provide assurance that licenses will not expire, but they can also take proactive actions ahead of a mandatory update or renewal. Alerts may also take form as data liquor reports that can be easily exported into multiple formats for data-driven decision-making.

Certemy is trusted by some of the world?s largest employers to improve their team productivity while promoting seamless visibility across the entire organization. With licenses and certifications covered, employees can be confident that they are working for a business that respects their time, efforts, and credentials.

Certemy offers the most reliable, secure, and automated platform that reconciles occupational licenses and certifications, helping employers operate safely and compliantly.


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