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With rapidly changing state and federal regulations, ensure that all employees have the required active licenses and certifications can be overwhelming for companies of all sizes. However, manually validating the required documents for each individual in one?s workforce can be a strenuous task. To make this process easier, Certemy, the leader in license verification, provides automated primary source verification which validates occupational licenses and certifications. This allows companies of any size to easily track and manage their staff?s licenses and certifications to save time and money while also staying ahead of any regulation enforcement.

Having the ability to track and manage employee licenses and certifications in a single system of record provides companies with a real-time view of their revolving workforce and its statutory compliance. This real-time view also provides control over managing the combined workforce of full-time employees, contractors, and consultants alike. Thus, Certemy provides businesses with a streamlined compliance enforcement solution across the whole organization while also providing increased visibility and utilization of an organizations staff.

Incorporation of the Certemy primary source verification allows any organization to automate the license application process by utilizing its configurable workflows. Consequently, this automation helps reduce costs associated with human capital, as well as the time and effort required to manage the licenses and certifications of a companies workforce. In addition, the automated system is fully compliant with multiple state and federal regulations providing organizations with a sense of assurance in their compliance enforcement.

Certemys automated license verification system has enabled many of the largest companies in the United States to reduce the burden of their regulatory compliance. Therefore, for any organization looking to ensure the validity of its workforce licenses and certifications, Certemys automated primary source verification is the perfect solution. It provides a streamlined approach with limited human capital involvement, saving an organization time and money while simultaneously making them compliant with any applicable laws.


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