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Maintaining up-to-date licenses and certifications for a large workforce is overwhelming, and not having complete visibility and control of a compliance program can be a significant and expensive liability for employers. With growing demand to have a more reliable and streamlined system in place, automated primary source verification has become a game-changer for Human Resources (HR) departments.

What is Automated Primary Source Verification?

Automated primary source verification is a technology-powered process that quickly and accurately validates employee licenses and certifications. Fully integrated with the employees HR records, this verification helps to ensure the compliance of state and federal regulations, as well as organization policies. Quickly providing insight into the license or certification?s active status, expiration date, sanctions, and other disciplinary actions, this type of intuitive verification gives employers the most current and thorough understanding of their workforce.

Starting as a random process or performed on an individual basis, commercial software solutions have become increasingly more available which simplifies the process for HR departments. These advancements have enabled employers to implement a more comprehensive, organization-wide approach for compliance.

The Benefits of Automated Primary Source Verification

Running background checks and verifying employees licenses and certifications is an incredibly time-consuming, necessary task for any HR department. Using automated primary source programs for verification can save hundreds of hours by quickly validating information, which increases accuracy and compliance across an organization. Here are a few more benefits of using an automated primary source verification system:

Real-time Tracking: In order to remain compliant, HR departments must maintain up-to-date records of employees? licenses and certifications. With real-time tracking updates, employers can receive instant updates if a license or certification has become suspended or expired.

Employee Productivity: Verifying licenses of dozens of employees is very time-intensive, especially when done manually. Automation eliminates time wasted by employees and enables manager to focus on business-critical tasks.

Mitigate Risk: The consequences of employing an individual with an expired or suspended license could be costly to a business. Automated primary source verification helps to reduce the risk of potential liability.

Configurable Workflows: Automated primary source verification can be configured to automatically track and renew licenses and certifications for employees. Additionally, with these types of systems in place, expiring licenses and certificates can easily be identified and renewed.


It is critical for HR departments to be proactive in mitigating risk with accurate record-keeping and compliance. At the same time, with an ever-changing operating environment, especially in the HR space, efficient processes are needed in order to maximize existing resources. Automated primary source verification offers the necessary accuracy, timeliness, and oversight to enable organizations to stay ahead of compliance, make well-informed, operational decisions, and save resources.


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