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Licensing and certifications are extremely important for any company as it is responsible for maintain a safe environment and product for customers. For companies hiring professionals like nurses, pharmacists, mechanics, etc., a reliable track record of their license is vital. It is not enough that they just have their license, but also that the license is current and valid at all times. Certemy is a service that provides users with reliable and precise primary source Verification of professional licenses. Not only can it track and monitor employee licenses, it also streamlines the application process and keeps organizations up-to-date to stay compliant with regulations.

Certemy, a world leading license verification company, is committed to providing an automated primary source verification system that validates all occupational licenses and certifications. With their system, the organization can conduct an automated license check to ensure that their employees? licenses and certifications are current, renewed, and free of any kind of disciplinary actions. As a result, Certemy allows organizations to stay ahead of regulatory Compliance with its automated license tracking and primary source verification process.

The company has developed a comprehensive compliance management platform that provides real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials all into one system of record. This system improves the teams productivity and visibility while also providing built-in workflows that can be customized to automate the license application process. Certemys platform enables organizations to identify trends, track progress, records securely, and quickly communicate with their employees regarding their license status.

Like many other tasks in a human resource operations department, tracking employee license is often a time-consuming process. Certemy offers a solution to make this process easier and more efficient for organizations. Its verification system is both reliable and up to date and it also comes with comprehensive reporting. This makes it easier for the organization to keep track of their employees licenses and detect any type of renewal or termination issue immediately. This is very important for ensuring safety in regulated industries such as healthcare, aviation, and manufacturing.

The primary source verification system from Certemy does more than license tracking, it can also help organizations create an effective compliance program that can mitigate risks and help with staff utilization. It can also help organizations ensure that their workforce is compliant with all applicable rules and regulations, and that employment practices are compliant with the law. The automated source verification systems also make It isimpler for organizations to manage individual employee licensure and certification history.

Organizations that use Certemys primary source verification system enjoy the convenience of automated license tracking and rigorous verification processes. Instead of spending time worrying about license renewal deadlines and tracking down expiring certificates, organizations can rest assured knowing Certemy will take care of it all. The system is highly configurable for easy tracking of license expiration, renewal, and changes.

Certemys primary source verification system offers organizations a comprehensive tool to efficiently manage their employee licenses, certifications, and compliance programs. With efficient automation, robust security measures, and easy-to-use interfaces, Certemy is an ideal choice for any organization looking to streamline its licensing processes and ensure compliance with industry standards.


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