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Ensuring Compliance for Blood and Marrow Transplant Certified Nurses

As healthcare professionals take on the role of providing care for those suffering from blood and marrow transplant (BMT) diseases, it is paramount to ensure that the certified nursing staff employed for such a sensitive job is properly credentialed and qualified to perform their duties professionally. Employers should employ the safest methods possible to help protect their facilities and the people being cared for when it comes to ensuring that their BMT staff are licensed to practice and have a sufficient background and experience in this field. Certemy is a revolutionary license Verification service that provides employers with the necessary resources to thoroughly verify licensed professionals, such as Blood and Marrow Transplant Certified Nurses (BMTCNs).

A reliable license verification system is important to any healthcare organization looking to hire and retain the services of individuals qualified to conduct specialized procedures relating to blood and marrow transplants. Employers should always attempt to verify the credentials of individuals they employ as it is their legal, and often moral, responsibility to ensure their staff can safely provide the support and treatment needed for this form of treatment. When vetting a potential employee, employers must find out if they possess the proper credentials to be employed and also ensure that no license restrictions exist for the individual.

This task can be incredibly time consuming, especially when attempting to verify elements such as licenses, certifications, and educational qualifications, and this is where Certemysteps in. Certemy is a unique system which has been built to automate the license verification process, for a range of operators, making it an invaluable tool for organizations that require rapid license verification of their prospective or existing personnel. Certemy has several features which make it an attractive solution for employers who want to ensure the safety of their patients, as well as the organization as a whole.

Certemys automated primary source verification system can quickly validate qualifications and licenses for any potential BMTCN candidates in a matter of minutes, which saves employers valuable time during the recruitment process. This verification system is designed to retrieve license and credential information from official government sources to aid organizations in quickly and accurately establishing an applicant?s credentials.

Once the verification process is complete, employers receive a comprehensive report regarding an applicant?s professional licenses and certifications, which are available in real-time and can be accessed from any device. This also helps employers remain in compliance with regulatory bodies, and ensures they have all the information they need to stay compliant.

Certemy also offers secure storage solutions for license documents, which eliminates the need for employers to store license information manually. This feature gives employers convenient access to license documents and credentials, and enables them to track staff compliance. It also allows employers to far more easily detect any discrepancies or changes in license status.

Certemys pre-built workflow feature also enables employers to easily automate the credentialing process. This automated workflow accelerates the recruitment process, and enables employers to alert staff when licenses and credentials must be renewed. This is a great resource for employers as it eliminates the burden of manual license tracking and renewal.

The safety of all BMT patients, and the organization providing the treatments, is paramount. Of course, this can only be achieved when the right team of professionals is in place to provide the necessary care and support, and Certemy can help employers ensure they are compliant by verifying credentials and licenses quickly and efficiently.


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