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As recent changes in the healthcare industry have caused greater scrutiny of healthcare standards and performance, Board Certified Holistic Baccalaureate Nurses (HBNs) are increasingly being asked to demonstrate their compliance with licensing requirements. While there are various ways to manage license verification, increasingly hospitals and other healthcare entities are relying on automated primary source verification systems to combat non-compliance and ensure the highest quality of care.

The cost of noncompliance to a license holder can be extremely high, including the potential of revocation or suspension of their license and criminal repercussions. Automated primaries source verification provides an efficient safety net that allows healthcare entities to ensure that their nurse’s licenses and certifications are current and up to the appropriate standards.

Benefits of Licensure Verification

Healthcare entities that employ HBNs benefit from being able to quickly and easily confirm their employees? license status without having to manually collect and verify the necessary information. Automated licensure verification systems provide employers with an easy way to maintain full visibility and control of a healthcare facility’s compliance program, allowing them to easily monitor and manage licenses and certifications with reliable, primary-source verification.

These systems offer real-time tracking of licensure and credentials in one system of record, which eliminates paper records and manual process that can be outdated and tedious. Automated license tracking also helps healthcare employers to quickly verify that their employees are properly licensed and certified in the state or region in which they are required to work.

Additionally, these systems provide hospitals with pre-built workflows which are fully configurable to automate license application processes. By using pre-built workflows, healthcare entities can quickly process application, track expiration dates and send reminders for renewals accordingly. This helps ensure that their HBNs always have the right documentation needed to meet state or federal requirements.

Potential Pitfalls of Automated Licensure Verification

While automated licensure verification systems provide a level of convenience that businesses may not otherwise be able to achieve, they can also be expensive. Often, hospitals must enter into contracts with multiple vendors to receive the valuable credentialing and licensing data needed to meet compliance standards.

The technology behind these systems may also be complex, and an organization may need to invest in a dedicated IT team and expensive hardware infrastructure to keep current with the latest updates and data. Additionally, automated systems may not always detect inaccuracies or discrepancies in the data, such as errors in spelling or inaccurate information relating to specialty classifications.

Integrating Licensure Verification Into Your Compliance Program

By integrating automated verification systems into an organizations compliance program, hospitals, nursing facilities, and other healthcare entities can better cultivate an environment of trust among patient care teams. It also helps HBNs stay abreast of the latest regulations and remain in compliance with the standards they are required to uphold.

When selecting a licensure verification system, employers should look for systems that are specifically tailored to the needs of healthcare entities ? those that are compliant with the Full Disclosure Rule, HIPAA-compliant and secure, and have data sources that are easily accessible.

Selection of the license verification system should also take into consideration the cost associated with the system, such as subscription fees, data access fees, downtime expenses, upgrades and maintenance.

The main takeaway

Employers and healthcare providers are turning to automated primary source verification systems to help manage their compliance programs and ensure that HBNs meet the standards and regulations required for licensure. By taking the necessary steps to choose the most reliable licensure verification system for their needs, healthcare entities can minimize exposure to risk and provide HBNs with the necessary information to practice safely and effectively.


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