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Pain management nurses are integral to quality patient care in hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, and long-term care facilities. As a xxx in charge of pain management nursing certifications It is your job to ensure personnel meet the educational and professional licensure requirements mandated by state and federal regulations.

But the task of verifying and maintaining the credentials for a growing pool of healthcare and pain management professionals is arduous. There are time consuming processes for acquiring, renewing, and managing critical healthcare licenses and certifications. Validations need to be conducted on and off-site. You must track changes to licensure requirements and take action when personnel advance their education and enhance their credentials.

Plus, healthcare and pain management organizations need compliance protection from actors in the industry who cut corners, offer falsified documents, or withhold relevant information. That?s why organizations are abandoning manual processes and deploying automated primary source-based verification services such as Certemy, which can provide the visibility, safety, and rigor needed for compliance.

For Pain Management Nursing Certifications, Best Practice is Primary Source Verification

For pain management nursing credentials, primary source-based verification is the absolute best practice for achieving compliance. Primary source verification is the only way to ensure the credentials an organization maintains in its system of records are current, accurate, and valid as of the date the credentials were issued, renewed, or upgraded.

Primary source-based verification takes place directly with the source?such as the professional organization that issued the certification, the nursing board that issued the license, or a university or college that offers degrees in relevant fields?employed to confirm licensure credentials and certifications provided by an institution, organization, or individual.

Yet auditing personnel credentials by reviewing the appropriate primary source website or making a phone call or two or sending a written request may be considered labor intensive, time consuming, and costly.

That?s why so many healthcare organizations are turning to automated primary source-based verification solutions such as Certemy to manage their credentialing processes.

How Automated Primary Source Verification Solutions Help

Certemy Automates the Primary Source Verification Process

Certemy automates the primary source verification process, facilitating a more organized and secure system for managing pain management nursing certifications and other specialized credentials.

Automated License Tracking: Certemy works with individual state licensure boards to confirm and respond to license validation requests, pulling credentials from state databases and submitting them to the system of record. This allows healthcare organizations to monitor and track licenses and certifications electronically.

Real-time Tracking: Certemy provides real-time tracking of employee licenses and certifications with a single system of record. Healthcare organizations can collect and curate licensure data into a central repository, updating the record whenever a credential changes or expires.

Continuous Verification: Certemy can confirm and respond to applications, tracking who has been granted credentials and who is waiting for approval, creating an audit trail of each credential from its origin to real-time.

Automatic Validity Checks: Certemy can supplement the primary source process by regularly checking the validity of practicing healthcare professionals on a predetermined cycle for licensure, certification, and professional certifications.

Integrated into department processes and procedures, Certemy gives healthcare organizations the ability to automate license application processes and simplify credentialing requirements, while monitoring and maintaining personnel?s licenses and certifications.

The Benefits of Automated Primary Source Verification Systems

Automated primary source verification systems like Certemy are becoming increasingly vital to maintaining compliance in healthcare organizations, providing a reliable and secure system for managing pain management nursing certifications and other healthcare credentials.

Many organizations are utilizing automated primary source systems like Certemy to refocus resources on quality patient care and reduce overall healthcare costs. Automating primary source verification processes helps organizations comply with the necessary requirements, and provides facilities with the following advantages:

? Time-Savings: With automated systems, personnel don?t have to endlessly check and recheck records, thus saving healthcare organizations time and money.

? Increased Security: Automated primary systems ensure personnel records are complete, accurate, and up-to-date, which provides enhanced security for both patients and healthcare providers.

? Improved Processes: Automated systems improve processes and make them more efficient, providing healthcare administrators with the insight they need to make better, data-driven decisions.

Pain management nursing certifications?and compliance?are an integral part of healthcare organizations, so make sure you have the right system in place to manage all of the credentials with ease and accuracy. Primary source verification with automated systems like Certemy is the best practice for ensuring patient safety and regulatory compliance.


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