License Verification Tool | Certified Addictions Registered Nurse – Advanced Practice

Certified Addictions Registered Nurses – Advanced Practice (CARN-AP) are specialty nurses who are highly skilled in the identification, assessment, and management of individuals facing substance abuse and addiction issues. As the field of substance abuse and addiction continues to grow, and employers in the medical and healthcare industries increase staffing to meet patient care demands, it has become vitally important for employers to ensure they are employing individuals who have been properly vetted and have met licensing and certification requirements. The traditional approach to manual license and certification Verification processes can be time-consuming and cumbersome, and leave employers vulnerable to regulatory and Compliance issues.

To mitigate compliance risk and provide the highest standards of patient care, organizations should leverage automated license and certification verification services in order to accurately and quickly assess an employees licensure status. Automated license and certification verification services utilize primary sources of official license records to provide a reliable and valid verification of a healthcare professional’s credentials, which ensures that only licensed and appropriately certified staff are employed within the organization.

The benefits of automated license verification services are numerous. By streamlining the license and certification verification process and providing immediate access to verification status reports, organizations are able to immediately assess whether an employee has a valid license and certification when hiring. In addition, employing automated license verification services eliminates the need for administrative staff to manually review records and soft copies, enabling employers to save time and reduce the risk of human error.

One of the leading providers of automated license and certification verification services is Certemy. This cloud-based platform provides real-time licensure and certification verification, automated license tracking, and compliance tools for employers in the medical and healthcare industries. This technology ensures that employers are utilizing only those healthcare professionals who have met all regulatory requirements.

Certemys online platform is fully customizable and provides employers with tools to streamline the license and certification verification process, provide proof of verification, workflows for license application processes, and pre-built compliance reports. These automation capabilities enable organizations to track credential expiration dates and flag compliance issues, optimizing team productivity and facilitating license renewal processes. Additionally, the dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of an organizations employee portfolio in one central system of record, enabling employers to gain visibility and control over the workforce compliance program.

To ensure patient safety and protect organizations from potentially costly compliance-related issues, employers in the medical and healthcare fields should consider leveraging automated license and certification verification services. These services streamline the hiring process, reduce the time and effort necessary to manually review credentials, and provide proof of licensure when required. Certemys automated license and certification verification platform is a respected solution that provides organizations with the tools they need to avoid compliance issues and maintain a competent and qualified workforce to deliver the highest levels of patient care.


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