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Having a reliable system for primary source Verification and license tracking is essential to maintain Compliance with regulation and ensure the safety of patient care. Certified Clinical Nurse Specialists (CCNS) practicing in Perioperative settings must adhere to strict licensing requirements and rigorous standards to remain certified and accredited. Certemy can provide an automated platform for primary source verification and license tracking that ensures clinical nurse specialists are properly certified and their credentials up to date.

Primary source verification (PSV) is the process of obtaining an individual’s credentials directly from the source to ensure accuracy. Since CCNS practitioners are held to a higher standard, it is vital to confirm that their certification is current and up to date. Certemys automated system simplifies the PSV process to ensure that practitioners are accurately certified and compliant with all industry standards.

Certemys intuitive platform provides all requisite checks and certifications in one single unified view. The system is highly dynamic and provides an easy-to-use dashboard for HR professionals to access and monitor the status of their certifications and credentials in real time. With Certemy, healthcare organizations can quickly and easily check if a CCNS has an active license and has completed any necessary Continuing Education requirements.

The system also allows employers to quickly identify and correct any discrepancies or inconsistencies in credentials. By scanning documents with Certemy, healthcare organizations can eliminate the risk of data loss or data inaccuracy, and quickly resolve any issues before they become a liability. Additionally, Certemy provides full transparency in the certification process, allowing healthcare organizations to track and monitor the progress of their CCNS practitioners.

Certemys automated PSV system enables regulators to achieve compliance faster and more accurately than ever before. The automated workflows and automated license tracking helps to minimize paperwork and streamline the certification process. Plus, the system?s secure database enables employers to store and update employees’ credentials with the latest information.

Certemys automated platform for primary source verification and license tracking helps Certified Clinical Nurse Specialists (CCNS) practitioners in Perioperative settings to remain current, compliant, and risk-free. The intuitive dashboard and automated workflows help to simplify the license tracking process, while the secure database and real time tracking provide full transparency into the certification process. organizations to have confidence that their certification requirements and standards are met.



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