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License Verification is a process through which organizations and individuals can receive assurance of the validity of someone?s credentials. Professional and educational licensing bodies have measures in place to ensure that those certified to practice a profession follow established standards and ethics. For employers, this is of paramount importance, as they rely on qualified individuals to ensure the quality of their services and products. Have you ever wondered whether the people you employ are really who they appear to be?

Certemy is a leader in license verification, providing employers a reliable way to check the veracity of a certificate or license. Their automated primary source verification system makes it easy to find out if someone is and has been actively working in a particular profession, and whether they are in Compliance with any professional regulations. This system has been utilized by some of the largest employers in the US to save time and resources, while also reducing any risks related to hiring qualified professionals.

The Certemysystem is made up of a number of components. First, the system allows employers to track and manage all of their professional licenses and credentials in one central location, making it easy to monitor the compliance of their personnel. It also includes pre-built workflows that help to keep the licensing application process running smoothly. In addition, its primary source verification capabilities allow businesses to accurately verify licenses with any issuing body or database, ensuring that their personnel are properly certified and qualified.

Certemys license verification system works in three simple steps. First, the employer provides information about the license or credential they wish to verify, such as the type of license needed and its issuing body. Next, the system searches its extensive database to check against known databases and verify the validity of the license. Finally, a report is generated which shows the validity of the license or credential, any sanctions or disciplinary actions that may be in effect, and any additional information that was found in the search.

The Certemy license verification system is also a great tool for both employers and employees. Employers can take advantage of the system?s tracking capabilities to keep tabs on any changes to personnel?s qualifications. Additionally, employees can use the system to ensure that their credentials are up-to-date and that they remain certified up to standards for their profession.

For those in the healthcare industry, Certemys License Verification system is an invaluable tool. Healthcare employers, specifically those in pediatric care, can ensure the accuracy and validity of a Pediatric Emergency Nurse?s license before they are employed. This helps to create a safe working environment that is free of any untrained or unqualified individuals.

Having a reliable license verification system is essential to any organization or certification body that needs to ensure the credibility of its personnel. Certemy is an industry-leading provider of this service, making it possible for organizations large and small to trust in the accuracy of their employees’ qualifications. With the Certemysystem, employers can rest assured that their personnel are certified to the highest industry standards while also being able to monitor any changes to their credentials.


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