License Verification Tool | Nursing Professional Development Advanced – Board Certified

The compliance landscape for all organizations is a complex and nuanced proposition. With the ever-changing regulatory and legal requirements of both local, national, and international law, employers must ensure that any staff involved in any specific and regulated activity is adequately licensed or certified to do so. This is especially important when it comes to high-risk industries such as healthcare and engineering, where compliance is not simply a desirable outcome, but a legal requirement. Unfortunately, staying on top of individual licenses and certifications can be a huge drain on valuable time and resources for any employer, creating a number of challenges in efficiently managing and tracking compliance.

Certemy is an advanced nursing professional development and license verification platform that automates primary source verification systems to validate licenses and certifications across employee cohorts. This digital solution brings complete visibility and control to an organizations workforce compliance program, by ensuring real-time tracking of employee credentials in one central system of record. As a result, human resource teams can easily stay ahead of regulatory compliance and effortlessly manage licenses at scale.

This cloud-based platform provides a number of core features to take the burden out of license verification. For instance, Certemy provides automated workflows that are fully configurable to reduce the manual effort of team-based license applications. In addition, the platform?s user-friendly dashboard and reporting systems allow teams to quickly overview license statuses, categories, and expiration dates, so companies can double check their compliance status in a few clicks.

Thanks to its state-of-the-art technology, Certemys software has been adopted by some of the largest companies in the United States. This advanced digital solution helps executives gain real-time insights into license expirations and organizational compliance, ultimately saving lots of time and resources. In turn, the harmonization of regulatory and verifiable information allows employers to accurately manage their workforce with fewer manual checks and boast improved staff utilization and productivity.

By seamlessly integrating with existing human resource systems, Certemy enables compliance teams to realize greater value and compliance thresholds. Furthermore, this helps organizations mitigate legal risks associated with out-of-date licenses and non-compliant certification removals, thus bringing a greater level of security and trust to the compliance process.

Certemys digital license verification and tracking solution was built with human resource teams in mind. Through its cloud-based nature and automated synchronized approach, this revolutionary software enables employers to easily manage their license verification requirements, deploy new licenses, and oversee their workforce compliance program throughout the entire organization.


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