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In an increasingly complex and regulated business environment, compliance teams need to find reliable and efficient ways to ensure staff and employees remain certified and licensed to operate within specific roles and regulations. Certemy has developed an automated license and certification tracking system specifically designed to provide benchmarks for compliance teams to manage their obligations and protect their bottom line.

Certification and licensing tracking is no small task for companies. The changing nature of healthcare, legal, transportation, and other highly regulated industries, requires frequent updates and compliance checks. Certemys system provides a level of transparency and control that can reduce compliance risks and help in streamlining operations.

Certemys automated license and certification tracking platform is built to handle both individual and multi-user requirements. The platform is designed to work with several specific use cases, such as: tracking individual licensure for staff or teams of employees; verifying credentials of new hires; and conducting systematic recertification processes to keep track of expiring certifications.

Certemy provides an advanced search feature that allows users to quickly pull up entire workflows and credentials, as well as an audit function to verify and confirm certifications. By leveraging Certemys primary source verification, employers can easily and quickly verify certifications of new hires, ensuring they have all relevant credentials up to date.

The system also provides an automated tracking feature for each employee, enabling compliance teams to stay ahead of expiring license and certification renewals. Certemy is also the trusted license verification partner for some of the largest employers in the US, providing an efficient and secure system of record for tracking, verifying, and maintaining compliance.

Certemys platform ensures that users have full control and visibility of their workforce compliance program in one reliable database. This allows users to easily access and review their credential records, verify new hires credentials, and keep accurate records of their employee license and certification data in real-time.

The system’s automation features and pre-built workflows also allow teams to save time and money in managing compliance program costs. Utilizing these features and streamlining the process ensures that businesses are always meeting state and federal compliance standards on time.

Ultimately, Certemy provides an effective compliance solution for businesses of any size. By providing tools to track, assess, and manage employee license and certification data, businesses can reduce their organizational risk and realize long-term cost savings in their compliance programs.


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