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Certemy is a powerful licensure verification tool designed for automated nursing case management certification. This cloud-based platform provides employers with a comprehensive system of record for tracking and managing employee credentials, offering increased visibility and control of all license and certification related activities. By making use of real-time database management and primary source verification for all licensure and credentials, Certemy helps to reduce compliance risk and ensures accurate and timely compliance.

For employer organizations and healthcare facilities, staying compliant with licensure and credentialing regulations is essential for maintaining standards and reducing workplace risk. The Certemy platform is a complete license and certification tracker, offering a comprehensive suite of tools and features that provide organizations with visibility, control, and assurance of compliance. Certemy is a trusted solution adopted by some of the largest employers in the United States, helping them streamline the license application and tracking process while minimizing administrative burden.

Advantages of Certemy for Licensure Verification

The Certemy platform provides employers with a comprehensive set of licensure verification solutions, designed to help organizations achieve full compliance with license and certification requirements. Certified users can leverage the platform to automate the license application process, manage and track all license-related information across the entire organization, and review license statuses and expiration dates in real time.

Certemy offers basic and advanced features to help organizations save time, reduce errors, and improve staff utilization. Organizations can define customized workflows for license applications, customize license application forms, send automated notifications of license renewals and changes, and store and manage all license-related data in a single system of record. The platform also includes a variety of analytics tools to help organizations quickly identify license expirations and drill down to see employee population trends.

How to Implement Certemy Licensure Verification Platform

Organizations can get started with Certemy easily and quickly. After signing up, users will be assigned a license coordinator to help them configure the platform and integrate it into an existing system of record. Once the platform is configured, license information for each employee can be entered into the system manually or imported from a database. This data can be verified via primary sources, ensuring that all licenses and certifications are accurate, valid, and up-to-date.

The Certemy platform then provides users with a comprehensive suite of features that allow them to automate and streamline the license application process, monitor license statuses in real time, and track license and credentialing information. The platform also includes advanced analytics and reporting tools that give employers full visibility into their workforce compliance program.

Closing considerations

Certemy is a powerful and comprehensive license and credentialing solution designed to help employers stay compliant with licensure and certification related regulations and requirements. The platform offers a variety of tools and features to help organizations automate license-related processes, manage and track license information, and review license statuses in real-time. With Certemy, employers are well-positioned to maintain compliance, reduce risk, and improve staff utilization and productivity.


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