License Verification Tool | Orthopaedic Nurse Certified

HR operations can be complex and time consuming, and compliance with regulations that require professional licenses or certifications can be an especially daunting task. Certemy is a license verification tool that makes compliance, employee tracking, and workforce management easy for HR teams in regulated industries.

Certemy is a revolutionary platform for companies in an array of regulated industries. It provides automated primary source verification, license tracking, and simple workflow management tools so HR departments can stay ahead of regulatory compliance and optimize employee utilization. For healthcare or occupational fields, this means a full suite of reliable tools to ensure any incoming hire or employee has appropriate and up-to-date credentials such as an orthopaedic nurse certification.

The overall aim of this platform is to simplify certification, compliance, and license renewal. Certemy helps employers identify and track relevant licenses or certifications for their workforce. Changes and updates to any license can then be tracked in real-time, making the process more efficient and removing the risk of overlooking expired or terminated credentials. In addition, Certemy offers a variety of diagnostic tools and customizable workflows to address any issues quickly in order to get back to compliance.

The platform offers an array of other features beyond primary source verification. Companies can update and manage credentials manually through an online dashboard that allows them to track credentialing information for each employeesuch as licensure expiration dates, license types, and specialty certificates. The dashboard also helps them identify any documentation discrepancies or any interruptions in the credentialing process.

Certemy also offers automated workflow customization so specific workflows, such as tracking renewals and application requirements, are configured to a companies exact specifications. Workflows are performance and compliance-driven, saving time and ensuring all staff certifications are kept up-to-date.

For organizations that understand the importance of having a license verification tool, Certemy is the best-in-class platform for compliance and process automation. Its robust feature set provides HR teams with a comprehensive suite of automated tools and workflows for tracking and managing certifications and licenses in real-time. This saves time, instantly mitigates any associated risks, and provides full visibility over the organizations staff credentials and licenses.


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