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Primary source license Verification is paramount when it comes to ensuring the safe and compliant operation of ambulatory surgery centers. Certification is a process mandated by state regulators to confirm that all medically-licensed personnel involved in surgery center operations have the appropriate education and experience to provide the highest caliber of patient care.

Certemy offers automated primary source verification tailored to the needs of ambulatory surgery centers. Developed for human resource operations and Compliance managers, Certemy provides complete visibility and control of workforce compliance programs. With Certemy, businesses can easily verify that employees are licensed, up to date with all licensing requirements, and that their certifications are in good standing with the relevant regulatory bodies.

This article will provide an overview of the Certemy license verification process. It will also explain the benefits of using Certemy to streamline ambulatory surgery center licensing operations and how businesses can use Certemy to mitigate compliance risk.

Why is License Verification Important for Ambulatory Surgery Centers?

Ambulatory surgery centers are held to strict standards of patient care and safety. All ambulatory surgery personnel must be licensed and certified for their respective positions. Primary source verification is the process of validating that each employee has met the required requirements for licensure and that they remain in good standing with the regulator.

Inaccuracies in licensure can result in malpractice claims, patient injury, and costly civil penalties. Primary source verification is the most accurate means of ensuring that an ambulatory surgery center is compliant with state regulatory requirements and safe for patients.

What is Certemy and How Does it Work?

Certemy is a cloud-based license verification platform designed to help businesses automate the primary source license verification process. The Certemysystem allows businesses to create and track compliance programs for employees. This means that businesses can track all licenses and certifications in one system, ensuring real time visibility and accuracy.

With Certemy, businesses can quickly and accurately identify any employees who are not up to date with their licensure requirements. Certemy also offers streamlined workflows to streamline the application process for new licensing and certification. This helps businesses stay ahead of compliance regulations and ensure the timely renewal of all employee credentials.

Benefits of Using Certemy for Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Certemy provides numerous benefits for ambulatory surgery centers. Perhaps the most significant is the peace of mind that Certemy provides. Knowing that employee licenses are up to date and in good standing will help ensure that the ambulatory surgery center is compliant with all state regulations. This is especially important as regulators are increasingly imposing stiff penalties for non-compliance.

Certemy will also help reduce the burden of paperwork and manual tracking. By putting all credential tracking in one system, businesses can manage licenses easier and more efficiently than ever before. This will also help improve the utilization of key personnel across the entire organization.

Finally, Certemy helps keep the business from unnecessarily investing in personnel without the proper credentials. By verifying employee credentials at the outset, businesses can be sure that any new hiring investments they make will be in personnel with valid credentials and that they won?t be wasting time or resources on personnel who are not qualified for the job.

To summarize

Primary source license verification is a vital part of operating a safe and compliant ambulatory surgery center. Certemy is a powerful tool designed to streamline the license verification process and reduce the burden of manual paperwork. Businesses can use Certemy to quickly and accurately identify any employees who may be behind in their certifications or out of compliance with regulatory bodies. This will help businesses remain compliant and productive while also ensuring the highest standard of patient care.


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