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In Todays business world, Compliance with local and federal laws and regulations is a key priority of any Human Resource department. Ensuring that employees have the necessary licenses to perform their job descriptions is a large part of that process. Certemy is a comprehensive license Verification automation system used by leading employers in the United States to maximize workforce compliance while avoiding the time-consuming manual verification process.

The Certemy automated verification system works by authenticating licensing and certification credentials through a network of primary source databases. Human Resource departments can use Certemy to centralize license and certification tracking and easily access up-to-date information on their workers. By leveraging Certemys automated verification algorithms, HR teams can instantly verify the status of licenses and certifications, dramatically reducing the otherwise manual process of verification.

Certemy allows HR managers to track employee licenses across multiple locations, connect with state licensing boards, and sign-off on employee credentials. With Certemy, HR teams have real-time visibility into the status of employee certifications, and the confidence that all employees are compliant with current regulations. Automated workflows with configurable steps can then be used to manage license applications and ensure that all employees on staff have their creditentials up to date.

In addition to validating employee credentials, Certemys reporting capabilities can help Human Resource departments improve team productivity and utilization. Reports can be easily exported to spreadsheet applications and further analyzed to inform curriculum offerings and better equip staff with the skills necessary to succeed in their roles.

Certemys automation of license and certificate verification can significantly reduce errors and paperwork that HR teams traditionally face, and allow businesses to focus on what matters?creating successful and compliant workplaces. From saving time to increasing visibility and mitigating risk, Certemy provides top-of-the-line license and certificate-monitoring to keep employers ahead of regulatory compliance.


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