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Certemy is a license and certification validation platform that helps to automate, track, and manage the license and certification compliance of employees. It enables companies to maintain accurate licenses and certifications information for current and past employees, and provides them with the proper tools to protect their reputation and remain compliant with governmental regulations. It also helps businesses to save time and resources while mitigating the risk of standard employment practices by providing real-time monitoring of licenses across employees and a complete view of their compliance status.

For companies that handle a variety of employee certifications, such as Wound Care Associates, Certemys automated license verification system can be a great asset. It prevents the manual labor of manually reviewing and verifying employee credentials against the primary source database. It also ensures that only current and valid certifications are verified and that any disciplinary action taken against a credentialed employee is identified quickly.

Certemy allows companies to establish and maintain a secure yet comprehensive database of license and certification information. This allows them to quickly and accurately confirm employee credentials as jobs are assigned. It also simplifies the process of maintaining their license and certifications information by allowing instant updates whenever responses are received from the licensing boards. This is important because the updating of licenses and certifications happens quickly and companies may find that having an automated tracking system in place, such as Certemy, is more efficient as well as cost-effective.

With Certemy, employers are provided full visibility and control of their license and certification compliance program. Pre-built workflows come as part of the system, and allow companies to customize the experience and process for different types of credentials, making it easier and faster to set up and access the data needed for compliance. This helps make sure that the system covers every region and industry requirement when verifying credentials. Real-time tracking also eliminates any potential manual entry errors, ensuring that errors occur only if changes occur with the primary sources.

Certemy also reduces staff utilization costs by keeping track of licenses and certifications for previous employees, helping companies to better manage their labor and staffing costs. This system prevents manual revocations and suspensions of licenses, reducing the administrative burden and helping to keep businesses in line with employment regulations. Additionally, Certemy can send automated notifications to the employer of any changes that have occurred, such as disciplinary action that has been taken against an employee or a license that has expired, making it easier to stay on top of each employees current status.

The automated license verification system of Certemy makes it easy for employers to ensure that they are always compliant with their employment regulations and maintain a secure and up-to-date database of license and certification information for their staff. It removes the laborious manual review section of verifying employee credentials and provides companies with full visibility and control of their workforce compliance program. With this system, employers can stay ahead of any potential compliance issues and ensure that their staff are always in good standing with all the necessary regulatory bodies.


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