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When it comes to running a business efficiently, ensuring the qualifications of your workforce is an imperative that can?t be overlooked. Professional licenses provide an important underlying level of assurance that your employees are qualified for the jobs they?re performing. All too often, however, verifying such licenses and certifications is a time-consuming, arduous task.

Fortunately, there are solutions available to make the process far easier. Certemy is one such tool that applies a unique automated primary source verification system (APVS) to monitor and manage all the licenses and certifications of your workplace. It does this in real-time, with cloud-based tracking and tracking of up-to-date credentials for all your employees. From compliance and regulatory measures, to improved team productivity and visibility of the organization as a whole, having the right system in place can make a huge difference.

APVS: Automated Primary Source Verification

Certemys APVS system is a platform that provides complete visibility and control of any workforce compliance program. It personally validates occupational licenses and certifications in real-time, with a guarantee of results with unprecedented accuracy and security. Certemys primary source verification system goes directly to the source to confirm active, appropriately renewed licenses and credentials of your entire staff. All the data remains secure, ensuring that you are fully compliant with both your internal policies as well as applicable regulations.

Such a system allows you to be completely aware and in control of the credentialing process, without the need for manual oversight or other cumbersome processes. you will always be one step ahead of the curve with automated license tracking that is tailored to your requirements. Furthermore, any potential sanctions or disciplinary action can be dealt with swiftly and efficiently.

One System of Record for Employee Licenses and Certifications

By automatically tracking and managing all of the employee information and the associated credentials in one centralized system, It is not only more efficient and less time-consuming, it also cuts out a lot of the operational headaches that can come with managing multiple licenses and certifications.

Certemy features come with their own set of fully-configurable workflows that can automate the license application process. But more importantly, it provides a one-stop shop to view, manage, and control licenses and certifications without having to go outside the established system.

Staff Productivity and Visibility

Being able to have all the information you need in one-location can considerably boost staff productivity and the visibility of the entire organization. It allows you to quickly assess staff readiness and availability, arms you with the data to make informed decisions, and most crucially, it allows you to provide better customer service.

The platform also features an intuitive dashboard that enables you to keep tabs on the latest status of any and all credentials your workforce holds, while also being able to instantly generate reports to quickly and easily share your compliance status with any and all stakeholders.

Verifying Licenses Easier than Ever Before

In the current age of digital transformation, It is more vital than ever to have the right resources in place when it comes to verifying professional licenses and certifications. Companies are now no longer reliant on manual oversight and years of experience to get the job done. With Certemy, verifying professional licenses is easier than ever before. Thanks to its unique APVS system, it allows you to quickly and securely validate credentials with the confidence that your compliance is always meeting the highest standards.


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