License Verification Tool | Family Nurse Practitioner

Digitalization and automation are quickly becoming the standard for many organizations when looking to streamline internal operations and increase compliance. Professionals and organizations in the healthcare industry are no exception to this trend. With the certification and licensing process of healthcare professionals subjected to compliance standards and annually updated regulations, having an automated system in place for license authorship verification can save HR departments countless headaches, improve team productivity and utilization, and keep organizations up to date with the ever-changing regulatory landscape. Certemy has developed the ideal software solution for professionals in the healthcare industry looking to make license verification seamless and transparent.

Certemy has become a leader in license verification processes, with its powerful and automated primary source verification system. This system offers employers full-fledged visibility and control of their organizations compliance program. This platform validates occupational licenses and certifications by actively selecting, retrieving, and verifying license status. Those relying on Certemys platform will get accuracy in real-time, verifying that license and certifications not only exist, but have been appropriately renewed and are free of any sanctions or disciplinary actions. Time and institutional resources are saved by utilizing Certemys powerful system of record, which allows tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one centralized database.

Certemys software also provides active monitoring and automated license tracking, making it easy to stay ahead of regulatory compliance. Aided by customizable workflows, the process of license application is automated, streamlining the time consuming task of manual license management. To add, the system is trusted by some of the larger employers in the US, providing peace of mind and assurance that due diligence is being done when it comes to employee credentialing. It is no surprise that organizations across a variety of industries are turning to Certemy for their license management needs.

Faced with an ever-growing challenge of staying ahead of the regulatory requirements, healthcare organizations have an in-depth need for software solutions that not only automate their credentialing processes, but allow for a robust tracking of employee credentials and active license monitoring in one unified system. Certemys mission is to provide healthcare organizations just that; assurance that their license management program is in compliance while leveraging workflow automation for ease of use.


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