License Verification Tool | Certified Post Anesthesia Nurse

A growing number of industries require individuals to be licensed or certified in order to perform certain duties. In particular, post anesthesia nurses must be licensed to ensure patient safety and give the best care possible. This is why Certemy has created an automated primary source verification system that can validate occupational licenses and certifications across a business?s employees, and most importantly, confirm that those employees are active, appropriately renewed, and free of any disciplinary actions.

Certemy is a leader in License Verification, offering excellent employee compliance programs, automatic license tracking and primary source verification, and workflow automation. With Certemy, businesses can stay ahead of regulatory compliance thanks to these tools. Having all employee licenses and credentials in one system of record allows any teams to improve their productivity and visibility. The workflows are fully configurable as well, so that businesses can have their license application processes automated.

Human resources operations professionals can especially benefit from Certemys license verification services. By utilizing primary source verification (PSV), not only are businesses ensuring that all their employees are legally compliant, but they are also ensuring that the correct licenses and credentials are granted ? all without ever leaving the companies system. For example, for post anesthesia nurses, this means that the process of remitting and verifying information is significantly streamlined, using an automated process in which Certemy will confirm that a post anesthesia nurse is properly licensed.

But beyond remitting and validating information, Certemy offers a comprehensive license tracking solution. The software monitors licenses across all employee groups, allowing them to stay on top of expiration dates. This means that businesses will never have to worry about unlicensed employees contributing to their team ? Certemy will make sure that everyone is up-to-date with license regulations.

Certemys license tracking solution also allows businesses to easily generate reports on license expiration dates. All license information is available in a centralized repository, giving Human Resources professionals peace of mind and easy accessibility. Not to mention, any relevant documents associated with license qualification and completion, such as certificates, can be uploaded into the system, giving human resources teams a complete list of their employees? credentials and documents for immediate review.

Certemy is a must-have for businesses that want to ensure their compliance with license regulations, while also streamlining their license verification process. By utilizing industry-leading PSV tools, businesses can make sure that all their employees are properly licensed and getting the best care possible ? even in the most regulated professions, such as those in the medical field. Whether you are an HR operations professional, a compliance lead, or a post anesthesia nurse, Certemy can help make sure you are legally compliant and can do your job to the best of your ability.


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