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As businesses look for ways to scale operations, automate processes, and save money, license and credential Verification tools have been sought out for these needs. Certemy is a primary source verification tool that helps organizations verify licenses and credentials quickly and accurately.

The tool reduces the risk of non-Compliance by streamlining the process of verifying and tracking licenses, credentials, and certifications with primary source verification. This provides more visibility into the organizational compliance program, allowing for improved compliance and staff utilization. Certemy is trusted by many of the largest employers in the United States, helping them save time, reduce risk, and increase staff productivity.

Why Use Certemy?

With the complexities of global laws and regulations surrounding licensing and credentialing, it can be difficult for organizations to stay up-to-date and in compliance. Certemys primary source verification tool simplifies this process with a reliable, automated system that performs all verifications in real-time.

Organizations that use Certemy have complete control over their license and credential tracking. This allows them to quickly and easily identify any expired or unrenewed licenses as well as any incorrect or missing information. Furthermore, the tool can be used to ensure that required certifications are up-to-date and validated.

Certemy also contains powerful workflows which are completely configurable and can be used to automate the license application and renewal process. By automating the application process, Certemy helps streamline the operations and save time and resources. This allows organizations to be more productive and thus have more time to focus on other areas.

What Certemy Offers?

Certemy offers several features that can help organizations with their license and credentialing needs. Firstly, the tool has the ability to track employee licenses in real-time. This allows for increased visibility across the organization. Furthermore, Certemy provides a comprehensive audit trail that allows organizations to track all changes made to the system. This greatly reduces the chances of errors or inconsistencies in the data.

In addition, Certemy also has powerful pre-built workflows that contain automated notifications for renewals and expiration dates. These notifications help organizations stay ahead of regulatory compliance requirements. Finally, Certemy also provides advanced reporting capabilities, allowing managers to gain a better understanding of the organizational compliance posture.

The Bottom Line

Certemy is a powerful, automated primary source verification tool that helps organizations stay in compliance and maintain operational efficiency. With its ability to quickly and accurately verify licenses and credentials, it can save time and resources while ensuring your organizational compliance program is up-to-date. The powerful pre-built workflows and notifications help keep you ahead of any compliance requirements. Finally, the comprehensive audit trail and reporting capabilities allow you to gain a better understanding of the organizational compliance posture.