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Today, organizations must manage licensure and certification requirements for employees spanning across departments, roles, and even state and federal regulations. To ensure compliance with licensure and certification requirements, a critical component of any organizations HR operations is the use of a license verification platform. Certemy is a comprehensive online license verification platform that provides instant verification of licenses and certifications across multiple disciplines and states. It uses primary source verification to provide accurate risk-free compliance for an organization and reduces the time and resources spent managing licensure and certification requirements.

Certemys automated verification system instantly verifies an individual’s credentials to determine if they have been appropriately renewed and are free of any sanctions or disciplinary action. Through real-time tracking, Certemy offers organizations comprehensive visibility and control of their compliance programs. Organizations are able to track and manage licenses and certifications for all their employees in one system of record without the need for costly onsite or manual processes.

The platform?s automated workflows are easy to customize and configure. Organizations are able to sign up their employees in a few clicks and the entire process is fully automated via the use of Certemys license application process. Organizations can also control the onboarding process, without relying on manual workflows. And as organizations grow, a single platform across multiple states provides a comprehensive view of the workforce across the entire organization.

Certemy has become a trusted platform to many organizations across the entire United States. Its automated verification system helps organizations to stay ahead of regulatory compliance while reducing costs and mitigating risks. With its easy to use interface, organizations can save time and effort in managing license requirements for employees while tracking their citizenship status and background check status in real-time.

The platform is compliant with federal and state rules and regulations, helping organizations to accurately monitor license requirements and restrict access to internal resources. Additionally, the platform offers Enterprise Security Solution for organizations that allows them to monitor critical activities, identify anomalies, and institute security protocols.

Certemy is the complete solution for organizations that are looking to streamline their compliance programs. With immediate access to up-to-date information on licensure requirements, renewals, and sanctions or disciplinary actions, the platform ensures that organizations remain compliant and mitigate any risk associated with employee licenses.


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