License Verification Tool | Certified Ostomy Care Nurse-Advanced Practice

From healthcare workers to employees in retail, the process of verifying professional licenses can be a complicated, time-consuming, and labor-intensive task. As automation of many business processes is becoming the norm, there is growing need for license Verification technology that can help improve accuracy and efficiency while reducing cost and improving outcomes. Certemy is a leading provider of automated license verification software that streamlines the Compliance management process for companies across the United States.

Certemy uses automation to verify licenses and certifications for medical professionals, helping employers to ensure compliance. The automated system validates a range of occupational licenses and certifications, including those for certified ostomy care nurses, advanced practice nurses, and nurses in other specialty fields. Certemy delivers complete visibility and control of a companies compliance program, as well as real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in a single system of record.

The solution also simplifies the cumbersome process of onboarding new employees, automatically tracking and managing company licenses and certifications through primary source verification. This helps ensure employers are ahead of the regulatory curve and able to take advantage of new business opportunities. Additionally, Certemy offers various pre-built, configurable workflows to automate license application processes, allowing businesses to maximize team productivity and gain visibility across their entire organization.

Certemys automated license verification technology is not just cost-effective, it also frees up HR professionals to focus on other HR initiatives that can add value to the organization. For example, employers can use their extra time and resources to implement new or enhanced employee training programs, something that can have positive long-term impacts on employee engagement and workplace wellness.

At the same time, Certemy ‘s automated license verification technology helps to provide effective workforce compliance programs, helping employers maintain high standards and remain compliant with company policies, laws, and regulations. The birth, renewal, and expiration of a license are tracked in real time, so any expired documents can be flagged to notify HR of needed action. This helps to ensure employees are not exposed to any liabilities or legal issues and that business operations remain compliant.

By automating the process of license verification, Certemy helps organizations save time and money, while also improving employee utilization and mitigating risk. It provides employers an easy-to-use, reliable system to ensure accurate records of employee licenses and certifications, enabling them to focus more time and energy on implementing key initiatives that will eventually lead to improved employeesatisfaction and engagement, better safety practices, and long-term business success.


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