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Quality service requires employees to possess proper licensing, and one of the leading hurdles in Human Resources is keeping up with compliance checkpoints and ensuring that employees maintain valid license and credentials. Whether nurse, lawyer, teacher or contractor, all professionals must have their license requirements fulfilled. Certemy, an automated license verification platform, provides a system of record for license tracking and credential validation, helping HR staffs remain current with the latest state regulations, improve staff utilization, and mitigate risk.

Organizing your teams Licenses and Certifications

The Certemy platform automates the process of verifying the licenses and certifications of your staff. As new hires join the team, their information is added to Certemys cloud-based system with all the details of their licensing and certification. The system addresses the license requirements by state and organization, ensuring that all employees have the right credentials. All license details can be seen in one system of record, saving staff time and resources.

Customizable Platform

Certemys features have been designed with ease of use in mind. Pre-built workflows are configurable to adapt to the requirements of any organization. This tailored approach helps to simplify manual submission and tracking of license and certification renewals. Automated alerts notify HR personnel of upcoming deadlines and when an item of non-compliance is identified. Thus, the administrative burden is dramatically reduced as licenses and certifications are tracked in one place.

Comprehensive Primary Source Verification

Certemys primary source verification system determines if an employees license is up-to-date, active, verifiable and compliant. It is the key for organizations worldwide address license risk management and to remain compliant with the highest industry standards. Certemys system is powered by intelligent AI and ML algorithms to simplify the data entry process and accurately identify any discrepancies.

Keeping up with Regulatory Compliances

In addition to verifying licenses, Certemy maintain a compliance library where legal teams can access the latest related regulatory information. The library comes complete with State Learning modules to provide best-in-class guidance on licensures and facilitate ongoing training for HR staff. The Certemy platform also supports certifications issued by third party accreditation bodies allowing the organization to demonstrate its compliance performance to external auditors.

The Certemy platform is a comprehensive solution for any human resource operations team that wants to track and manage licenses and certifications. Its wide range of features offers everything from automated primary source verification to stay ahead of regulatory compliance. With Certemy, you now have a powerful and reliable way of aiding your team with their license management and improving Post-hire and onboarding processes.


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