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For any organization employing professionals who possess occupational licenses or certifications, it is of utmost importance to be sure that each employee is in Compliance with their licensure and certified qualifications. Not only does this ensure employers and stakeholders of a sense of security, it is also a legal requirement enforced by the United States federal government and its corresponding regulatory bodies. Certemy is a comprehensive license Verification solution that allows employers to proactively manage, track, and verify licenses and certifications.

What is Certemy?

Certemy is a leader in license verification and primary source verification of occupational licenses and certifications. It is trusted by some of the largest U.S. employers to reduce time and mitigate risk while improving the efficiency of staff utilization. This License Verification solution can be applied to not only nurses but a variety of professionals with specializations including mental health, public health, social work, and many more.

Certemy helps employers to stay Ahead of Regulatory Compliance by automatically tracking and verifying licenses and certifications. In addition, it gives employers real-time visibility into their workforce compliance program. Utilizing built-in workflows, Certemystreamlines the license application process and helps with ongoing renewal. This ensures that employees remain compliant and are free from any unlawful or unethical restrictions.

What Certemy Offers?

Certemy offers the following key features:

Complete Visibility and Control of Compliance Programs

Certemy provides employers with full visibility and control of their compliance programs. It enables employers to manage and track licenses and certifications with primary source verification. Real-time tracking of employee credentials and licenses is provided in one system of record.

Automated License and Certification Tracking

Certemy automates license and certification tracking through pre-built workflows that are fully customizable according to the organizations needs. This helps employers to monitor and control license status throughout their organization.

Improved Staff Utilization

Certemy helps employers by improving staff utilization. The organizations productivity and visibility are improved with the help of automated license tracking and primary source verification. This enables employers to keep their operations compliant and up to date with existing regulations.

How Can Certemy Help Organizations?

Certemy offers a comprehensive solution to organizations looking to implement a license verification program. It helps employers by providing complete visibility and control of their compliance programs. Automated license tracking and primary source verification enable employers to keep up with changes in regulations and ensure the safety of their employees. In addition, improved staff utilization and productivity can be achieved with Certemys pre-built workflows.

Concluding Thoughts

Certemy is an efficient, comprehensive, and easy-to-use license verification solution. It provides employers with the tools they need to ensure compliance and keep up with regulatory changes. Organizations can use Certemy to improve visibility and control of their compliance program, automate tracking of licenses and certifications, and improve staff utilization.


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