License Verification Tool | National Healthcare Disaster Certification

In a world of global pandemics and other natural disasters, the need for healthcare and medical professionals is at its highest. Often, these medical professionals have licenses or certifications that may require an assessment of their prior professional experience to ensure they are qualified to serve when there is a need for qualified personal in emergency situations. Certemy is an automated primary source system, enabling license verification for healthcare professionals of all kinds in just a matter of seconds.

Certemy was designed to help healthcare institutions, hospitals, and other medical organizations efficiently verify the proper licensing of healthcare professionals during disaster relief scenes. The automated system can quickly and accurately verify if a professional is currently eligible to practice in a given medical field by collecting and analyzing records from official databases. This greatly reduces the time it takes for healthcare organizations to assemble qualified healthcare personnel for disaster relief efforts.

The Certemy system offers time-saving features like automated license tracking, primary source verification, and workflow configuration to facilitate the license verification process. This allows healthcare personnel to obtain expedited verification results and immediately practice in their field without disrupting the operations of the medical institutions. Moreover, this system provides real-time tracking of employee licenses, offering complete visibility and control of the staff-certification-program process.

Certemy is ideal for users seeking an intuitive solution for automating license verification and keeping on top of regulatory compliance. It is trusted by some of the largest US employers to save time, limit potential risks, and optimize staffing according to specialization expertise. The platform allows users to quickly and easily keep track of employee certifications and licenses in one streamlined system. It is the ultimate choice for healthcare organizations that want to save time and resources on their certification program.

Certemy’s fast and reliable license verification and tracking system helps to ensure that healthcare professionals have all the necessary credentials and training required to perform medical tasks during times of crisis. It boosts efficiency by giving quick access to essential evidence of qualification while giving medical institutions full control over their staff certification process. Certemy offers the perfect combination of compliance, accuracy, and speed when disaster strikes.


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