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For any organization or business, the ability to verify employee certifications and occupational licenses in a timely, accurate, and efficient manner is of vital importance in order to maintain regulatory Compliance and ensure the safety of workers and clients. Manual processes for license and certification Verification are outdated, laborious, and open to miscommunication and misinterpretation. Fortunately, automated technology can help streamline and improve the verification process.

Certemy is a license and certification verification tool that provides a complete overview and control system for regulatory compliance. With primary source verification, Certemy helps organizations save time, manage risk, and boost staff utilization by providing real-time tracking of all employee credentials and licenses. Their pre-built workflows are completely configurable and provide an automated system for application processes, allowing teams to focus on compliance rather than paperwork.

Certemy offers several features to facilitate license and certification verification and management. The Certemy Platform allows users to upload, store, and manage licenses and credentials on a single platform, creating a unified system of record. All employee information is organized and searchable, meaning organization admins can easily keep track and monitor employee credentials with real-time updates. The user-friendly dashboard also displays compliance and expiration status, helping compliance teams to keep up to date.

The Certemy Workflow tool simplifies the application process for licenses, credentials, and certifications, automating the majority of the work. Users can upload, track and manage applications through the unified system. Forms and documents are automatically shared with the stakeholder, removing manual entry and ensuring all information is securely stored. The workflow tool also provides notifications and reminder emails to keep team members apprised of the status, so there are no surprises.

Certemy integrates with numerous Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) which makes it easier for organizations to manage licenses and credentials across multiple systems. The integration allows teams to access and collaborate on employee information quickly, without having to manually transfer data. This also ensures that all employee records are accurate and up to date.

For organizations seeking a more comprehensive license and certification management system, Certemy offers Licensed Professional Tracking. This feature allows licensure boards to track the compliance of multiple licensees in a single system, ensuring that the necessary criteria is met and that all records are accurate. This is especially beneficial for organizations with multiple branches or locations, as it allows organizations to keep track of all licensees, regardless of geography.

Certemy is a comprehensive verification and management system for organizations and businesses of all sizes. With automation, integration, and real-time tracking capabilities, Certemy helps organizations mitigate risk, save time, and remain compliant. This comprehensive system allows organizations to manage and monitor licenses, certifications, and credentials easily and effectively, while providing real-time updates and notifications. Certemy is a valuable tool in the age of digital compliance and compliance monitoring.


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