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Certemy is the leading platform for occupational license verification and drives compliance for leading employers in the United States. The Certemy platform validates state or federal licenses and certifications across an employer?s staff, confirming they are valid, active, and free of sanctions or other disciplinary actions. This helps employers to maintain regulatory compliance and also to minimize risk.

With Certemy, employers gain complete visibility and control of their workforce compliance program. Through automated license tracking and primary source verification, employers can obtain and track current licenses and certifications in real time. This allows employers to stay ahead of regulatory compliance changes. The Certemy platform also provides employers with customizable workflows, enabling them to automate license application processes and save time in the process.

Certemy offers an automated, secure and robust system to longitudinally track credentials of individuals while protecting their data with encryptions. The platform also tracks credentials within a system of records in real time, and is used by thousands of organizations, ranging from hospitals to government agencies, to manage and monitor their employees’ credentials. Certemy can be used to monitor employees across multiple industrial sectors, including government, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, construction, engineering, automotive, retail, food service, education, trades, and technology.

The Certemysystem of records includes the following features:

? Automated license tracking: Automated tracking of employee licenses and credentials within the platform. This offers greater visibility and improved control over an organizations employees? licenses and certifications.

? Primary source verification: Real-time monitoring of licensure in the database to ensure it is up-to-date and valid. This helps organizations avoid costly fines or other punishments for employing people without valid credentials.

? Customizable workflows: Pre-built workflows can be configured to meet an organizations specific needs for streamlined license application processes.

? Data privacy: Encrypted data protection ensures that employee data is secure and confidential.

? Cost savings: By verifying credentials at the time of hire and staying ahead of compliance changes, organizations save money and valuable resources.

Certemy is an invaluable tool for employers looking to ensure regulatory compliance and minimize risk. With the platform?s ability to track licenses and certifications in real-time and maintain employee data security, Certemy is the go-to solution for license verification.


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