License Verification Tool | Certified Pediatric Nurse

Whether it is an insurance license, a money transmitter license, or a nursing certification, staying compliant with regulato9ry requirements is critical for businesses and organizations. Certemy provides an automated primary source Verification system to help employers keep track of and manage employee licenses and certifications. By leveraging pre-built workflows configurable to automate license application processes, organizations gain wide visibility and control of their workforce Compliance programs in real-time.

The increasing complexity and breadth of license requirements brings challenges to organizations who must stay updated with multiple agencies and regulatory authorities. Without a consistent system for tracking and managing licenses and certifications, it is difficult for organizations to be sure that their employees are active and up-to-date with all necessary credentialing. Certemy automates license tracking and primary source verification to keep organizations in compliance.

Certemy provides companies and organizations with a single system of record to track employee licenses and credentials in real-time. The platform provides complete visibility and control of the workforce compliance program. Automatically track employee license statuses across multiple agencies and regulatory authorities and obtain licensed professionals more quickly and accurately. Certemy verifies and stores completed primary source documents for each license.

This license verification and tracking platform has been trusted by some of the largest employers in the United States. Implementing Certemy reduces the amount of time and resources needed to manage employee licenses, saving employers time and mitigating risk as well. Furthermore, it helps improve team productivity and visibility across the organization. With the automated license tracking and primary source verification, compliance issues are identified and resolved quickly and efficiently.

Partnering with Certemy provides organizations with the ultimate in compliance. With alert notifications and the ability to track renewals, individuals and organizations are ensured freedom from sanctions or other disciplinary action. It has never been easier for organizations to know and maintain proper licensing and certification requirements.


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