License Verification Tool | Certified Wound Ostomy Nurse-Advanced Practice

For companies that employ employees with licenses and certifications, staying compliant with regulations and confirming employee credentials can be an ongoing challenge. In order to ensure that professional licenses and certifications remain active, appropriate and untarnished, companies must have a reliable source of license verification that is both up-to-date and secure. Fortunately, with Certemys primary source verification system, companies can now confidently manage their workforce compliance program with an automated system that easily tracks and verifies professional licenses and certifications in near-real time.

Certemy is a secure system that quickly confirms employee licenses and certifications from its primary source database, reducing risk, increasing staff utilization and making sure businesses remain compliant with ever-evolving regulations. It is trusted by many of the largest employers in the US making it an ideal verification system not only for professional licenses, but certifications as well, such as an Advanced Practice Certified Wound Ostomy Nurse. It is a practical and secure primary source verification system that can be used to monitor any and every type of professional credential available in the US.

Certemystrives to save businesses time and energy by simplifying the process of license and certification tracking and verification. It adds to team productivity and overall control of the compliance program without the need for in-depth manual input or long wait times. Additionally, it is configurable so that businesses can tailor the automated license and certification application processes to an individual organizations unique needs.

Companies need never worry that their workforce compliance is not up to date with Certemys primary source verification system. This system is the backbone of the Certemy platform, allowing compliance staff to stay ahead of current regulations and their specific company policies. Because certemy tracks licenses and certifications in one centralized system, compliance staff can effectively manage employee credentials with ease.

Certemy is the perfect license verification system for all companies regardless of size or industry. It is a secure way to ensure the workforce remain compliant while saving valuable resources for the company. With a trusted and up-to-date verification system, Certemy is the platform of choice for organizations of any size.


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