License Verification Tool | Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner-Acute Care

Ensuring Compliance in the healthcare industry is a big challenge. With ever-increasing requirements from healthcare organizations, hospitals and other facilities, administrative staff are sometimes forced to juggle between myriad of certification types and licenses in order to ensure the credentials of healthcare professionals are valid. One particular license that poses a unique challenge is that of the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner-Acute Care, which requires advanced knowledge and expertise and thus requires additional scrutiny over its validity.

Certemy is a license Verification platform that provides the necessary tools to enable organizations to easily and quickly confirm that each of their registered staff member has the appropriate license and qualifications to treat pediatric patients in acute care settings. Through its automated primary source verification system, Certemy tracks and verifies the maintenance, renewal and overall validity of personnel licenses. It also serves as a centralized system of record by which organizations can easily and quickly access staff compliance statuses.

This greatly assists healthcare organizations by eliminating the need to manually process and confirm personnel licenses. It also helps avert potential problems related to legal implications and loss of reputation in the community. These avoidable problems can arise from unauthorized or inadequately qualified personnel who fail to meet the stringent regulatory requirements.

Certemy utilizes a powerful workflow automation system allowing organizations to customize their compliance program and automate the license application process. This allows organizations to track and manage all licenses and credentials in a single system of record. Human resource professionals are able to access their staff information on demand and gain access to license activity updates in real time. This helps eliminate miscommunication, confusion, and potential costly errors.

Such advanced visibility and control of compliance programs also has an additional benefit of improving overall team productivity by eliminating redundant activities. Certemys best in class workflow automation system can help streamline the process and provide a more efficient ways of managing compliance regimes with greater accuracy. With Certemy, organizations can rest assured that their Pediatric Nurse Practitioner-Acute Care personnel will be fully qualified to treat pediatric patients in Acute care settings.


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