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Verifying licenses of professionals, employees, or contractors is an important role within any organization, and manual internal processes can prove to be too time consuming, inefficient, and unreliable. Certemy is an automated primary-source license Verification system that verifies licenses and certifications across a company to ensure that they are active, correctly renewed, and without any sanctions or disciplinary actions. It is designed to conform to changing Compliance requirements and provides real-time trackers of license credentials in one system of record.

Based off of trusted verification sources, Certemys license verification system streamlines the process of credential and license management. Organizations can easily access and store important employee license records and verify the individuals in their system. Certemysimplifies and ensures that license and certification records are regularly verified and renewed, and it takes the pain out of contract and license management.

What are the Benefits of Automated Primary Source Verification?

Organizations can gain various benefits from automating primary source verification. Automating primary source will allow a company to quickly obtain verified license information, including expiration dates, jurisdiction, and renewal status. The system will also alert the organization when licenses and certifications are due to expire ensuring appropriate renewal processes can take place. An automated system folios pertinent federal, state and local regulations; all active licenses and certifications are identified and a record is kept to allow the organization to review the information of each professional.

The system also increases efficiency while reducing administrative costs and procedures associated with manual tracking. It allows an organization to quickly garner license verifications and view the record of each individual. This reduced the labor cost that is associated with verifying license status and renewal requirements and makes it easier to be compliant with new and changing regulations.

One of the biggest advantages of using automated primary source verification is that it enables organizations to maintain compliance with employment regulations and industry standards while maintaining the highest level of patient safety. It provides an organization with the assurance that it is hiring the candidates that meet all the current qualifications and standards required by local, state and federal laws.

How Does Certemy Work?

Certemy has the proprietary algorithms, configured pre-built workflows and automated license tracking that makes license and credential management easier. It involves three steps:

1) Gathering information: The system identifies license, educational, or certification information at the time of application, creates a group, and determines which records go back for verification.

2) Verification: The automated process will contact the governing board and obtain responses to license verification queries in real-time. This in turn is logged in the system to maintain a record of the individual?s license at the time of application.

3) Monitoring: The system monitors license expiration dates and sends alerts when renewal is needed.

Organizations across the country use Certemy to manage and maintain employee license and credentials. It offers key features that make it easy to stay compliant with ever-changing regulations and track employee certification records in real-time.

In summary

Automated primary source verification with Certemy is designed to be a secure and reliable management system that can help organizations stay compliant while making it easier to track employee credentials. This system relieves the laborious task of verifying employee licenses and certifications and allows an organization to quickly determine the validity of the license or certification. It is a trusted system for a wide range of employers who want to save time and ensure their company is able to remain compliant and mitigate any related risk.


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