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Every employer wants to ensure that its team critical team members are certified and experienced professionals- be it nurses, construction workers, or accountants. The most common way organizations verify credentials is to conduct manual background checks. This is not only a time-consuming process but offers little to no assurance of accuracy and authenticity. Certemy provides a secure and automated solution to this problem with license Verification, giving employers visible and real-time confirmation of grant and renewal of credentials for the employees.

Certemys License Verification is the best way for employers to protect their businesses from any form of negligence or misconduct among their staff. The system tracks and verifies licenses and credentials giving employers a complete report that can be used throughout the organization to conserve and utilize resources. Employers can make sure their staff is actively licensed without having to manually check.

What Does a License Verification System Offer?

Certemys primary source verification is highly knowledgeable when it comes to occupational licenses and certifications. It is a comprehensive system that validates all pertinent information related to licenses and certifications and is trusted by some of the most important US employers for accuracy and reliability. It retracts and adjusts based on changes to the licenses and certifications and ensures the employers are compliant and free of any sanctions, disciplinary actions.

The License Verification by Certemy offers employers the following advantages:

Real-time employee licensing tracking at one place and a single system to track multiple professional members.

Pre-built workflows to save time and automate the application process.

Gain an upper hand of regulatory Compliance with automated license tracking and primary source authentication.

Robust security for confidential information exchange.

Improves employee productivity and visibility across the organization.

Employers can track the renewals of their professional credentials.

s of Use Cases

Licenses vary for every profession, but all credentials need to be valid at all times. Certemys License Verification system is versatile enough to operate across a wide range of professions. Here are a few examples of License Verification for specific professions:

Certified Nursing Professionals: Whether It is a basic licensed nurse or an advanced practice certified nurse- employers need to be sure if their existing staff are actively certified. The License Verification by Certemy works for all sorts of Licenses for Nursing professionals including but not limited to, Registered Nursing Licenses, Nurse Anesthetist Registered Licenses, Nurse Practitioner Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Licenses, and more.

Certified Construction Workers: All construction workers must be licensed to practice, and require certification for specific tasks or machinery usage. Certemys License Verification promises to check the status of all sorts of licenses ?Excavation, HVAC, Electrical License, Class A&B Licenses, Driver?s License & CDL, OSHA, and more.

Certified Accountants:Apart from a university degree, accountants must have certain licenses and certifications to practice their profession across the United States. Certemys license verification can help employers to verify the validity of an accountant?s licenses such as Certified Public Accountant (CPA), or Certified Management Accountant (CMA).

The bottomline

Certemys License Verification products can save employers costs and resources by tracking, verifying, and managing professional licenses and certifications. It can automate and streamline the manual compliance checking process with real-time tracking and secure primary source authentication. This makes sure that employers are following the necessary and applicable regulations while providing access to accurate and updated records.


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