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Ensuring that all your personnel have the appropriate credentials and certifications is essential for successfully managing an organization. It can be a time consuming and messy process to manually verify the credentials of each employee. Fortunately, modern technology has made it easier to manage license and credential tracking. Certemy is the leader in license Verification, providing businesses with automated primary source verification to quickly and accurately verify the safety and appropriateness of each credential.

What is Primary Source Verification?

Primary source verification is a process used to validate an individual?s certifications and licenses. It is the most accurate way to verify credentials since it involves directly contacting the issuing institution and obtaining confirmation that all licenses and certifications indicated by the individual are active, properly renewed, and free from sanctions or disciplinary measures.

How Does Certemy Make License Verification Easier?

Certemy provides organizations an automated process to validate that their employees have the necessary credentials to efficiently and effectively run their business. Businesses will have access to a single system of record, giving them complete visibility and control over every license held by their employees. Not only does this improve staff utilization, but it also ensures that they are compliant with all regulatory requirements.

The automated license application process provided by Certemy also makes it easier to track licenses and certifications. Workflows are pre-built and fully configurable to streamline the verification process. Organizations can also set up alerts so that they will be notified when a license is about to expire or when a disciplinary action is taken against one of their employees.

Benefits of Using Certemy for Credential Verification

Using Certemy for license and certification verification is beneficial for several reasons. Here are just a few of the main benefits:

? Improved staff utilization and better team productivity

? Increased visibility across the organization

? Reduced risk of regulatory non-Compliance

? Automated tracking of employee licenses and certifications

? More accurate verification of credentials

Implementing Certemy for License Verification

For organizations that are interested in streamlining their credential verification process by making the switch to Certemy, the process is fairly simple. Implementation involves setting up an account and then configuring the system to meet the specific needs of the organization. This includes creating custom workflows and setting up alerts to ensure the organizations compliance with all relevant regulatory requirements.

Once the system is set up, it can be used to track and verify all of the employee credentials in real time. Updates can be made easily and quickly, and all changes will be immediately reflected in the system. This eliminates any confusion or discrepancies between the actual credentials held by the employees and the information held in the system.

End thoughts

The manual process of verifying and tracking employee credentials is time consuming, tedious, and prone to error. By using a system like Certemy, organizations can make the job easier and ensure that their personnel are always in compliance with all necessary regulations and standards. It provides them with the visibility and control they need to effectively manage their personnel while helping to prevent unnecessary risks.


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