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Advanced practice holistic nurses play an essential role in providing quality medical care. As such, they must be certified by the relevant licensing authority and must maintain their certification in order to practice. To that end, verifying the validity of the license is an important step in any Human Resources (HR) process, and Certemy is the perfect tool for this job.

Certemy is an automated, primary source Verification system that allows organizations to track and manage the licenses and certifications of their employees. By leveraging its proprietary software, Certemy ensures that all employees are appropriately qualified and that their licenses are active and up-to-date. The platform keeps tabs on thousands of regulatory requirements to keep your company compliant and permits real-time tracking of employee credentials right from the dashboard.

At the core of Certemys license and certification verification system is its ability to send and receive primary source confirmation from state and government agencies. This feature separates the platform from the competition, as it is the only one of its kind that provides this functional value. With this in-depth coverage, advanced practice holistic nurses can be ensured of the accuracy and relevancy of the license verification process.

To use the system, one only needs to upload the relevant documentation into Certemy. The platform then works to verify the license, check for sanctions or disciplinary actions, and ensure that the employee is complying with the relevant regulatory requirements. Once the verification has been completed, the HR team can view the status of the employees license and be assured that they are qualified to work in their given field.

Although the primary verification process is instantaneous, the system also allows users to manage their licenses and certifications in real-time. With its user-friendly tools, the system enables organizations to assign license applications to team members, monitor the progress of their applications, and be alerted to any changes that may affect their license.

The Certemy platform is trusted by some of the largest employers around the country and allows organizations to take back control of their Compliance program while saving them time and money in the long run. In addition, the platform is also fully configurable, permitting the users to automate their license application process to maximize their productivity.

Apart from advanced practice holistic nurses, Certemy is also suitable for other types of medical personnel, such as doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians, and more. For any organization that requires its staff to hold valid licenses and certifications, Certemyshould be their go-to platform. It is the only automated, primary source verification system that can give users the peace of mind that their employees are in good standing with the relevant governing authorities.


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