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As the HR compliance landscape continues to expand and evolve in the 21st century, organizations of all sizes are increasingly challenged with employee licensing and credentialing in both the public and private sectors. Staying ahead of regulatory compliance requires timely and accurate verification of employee credentials and licenses to ensure that a companies HR policies are being properly administered. This is where Certemy can help.

Certemy is a powerful license verification system that offers users a comprehensive solution for validating occupational licenses and certifications across their employees, maintaining useful visibility and control of their compliance programs. With primary source verification, Certemy provides an automated way for companies to conveniently and quickly check the records of current and potential employees, allowing them to track and manage licenses and certifications with accuracy and confidence.

Certemy enables employers to save time in the hiring and onboarding process, while verifying, tracking, and managing credentials throughout an employees? time with the organization. With pre-built workflows that are configurable to match a companies specific needs, Certemysimplifies the administrative processes that are necessary to stay compliant. Additionally, with real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials, Certemy helps team productivity and overall visibility across an organization.

From healthcare providers, such as Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs), to professional training certifications and credentials, such as Project Management Professional (PMP) or Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certifications, Certemy delivers trustworthy license verification services that are reliable and straightforward. Employers can rest easy knowing that they can rely on Certemys vast network of state-level licensing boards, including healthcare providers and licensure authorities, to ensure that the credentials their employees hold are up-to-date and properly renewed.

Certemys unique and comprehensive approach to license verification ensures that employers are able to mitigate any risk associated with onboarding, while promoting their business?s growth by expanding their talent pool and staying compliant with the everchanging regulatory landscape. Furthermore, the product?s use doesn?t only benefit employers, but also employees who take advantage of the platform?s automated license tracking service, providing them with a more efficient system to manage and manage their qualifications.

Certemy is a top-tier license and credential verification platform trusted by some of the largest organizations in the United States, helping management teams to maximize their resources and maintain the highest level of employee compliance. With Certemys helpful solutions, employers are able to maintain comprehensive compliance and secure their workforces with confidence.


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