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Certemy is a leading License Verification platform used by some of the largest US employers for validating occupational licenses and certifications. The automated platform enables organizations to track and manage licenses and certifications in real-time, and the pre-built workflows allow for efficient automation of the license application process. With cutting-edge software, Certemy defines itself as the ideal tool for HR operations teams to stay up to date and mitigate risk related to regulatory compliance.

Compliance professionals are well aware of the importance of ensuring employee licenses and certifications are up to date. However, manual processes such as filing documents, auditing, and tracking software can be time consuming and tedious with a risk of potential errors. They can also be extremely expensive when personnel have to be employed with this task. Certemys automated primary source verification system tracks and verifies licenses always in real-time, allowing employers to stay ahead of potential compliance issues.

Certemy for HR Operations & Regulatory Compliance

Certemy provides a comprehensive tracking and primary source verification system that allows businesses to stay ahead of regulatory compliance and manage licenses and certifications with ease. Employers can use Certemy to access instant primary source verification of relevant occupational licenses and certifications. The system is designed to provide full visibility and control of the workforce compliance program with minimal effort from HR operations personnel.

When licenses or certifications need to be renewed or maintained, Certemy can optimise the process for maximum efficiency. The software comes equipped with automated application workflows that manage every step of the process. This includes collection of supporting documents and fees, coordination with vendors, and email alerts when status changes or renewals are required. The applications are user friendly and tailored to each user’s needs.

Certemys Automated Tracking & Risk Mitigation

Certemy can be used to manage risk related to license or certification compliance. The software can identify and provide alerts for out of date credentials and provides audit analysis to ensure compliance with any existing regulations. As most organizations face risks posed by vendors, contractors, and other third parties, Certemy can help to control these risks by providing verification of their licenses and certifications. If any discrepancies or lapses in coverage are detected, the software will provide an alert so that the problem can be addressed and resolved quickly.

The ability to track and manage licenses and certifications in real-time with Certemysimplifies the difficult job of ensuring compliance. It istreamlines processes, saves time, and mitigates the risk of unintentional compliance issues. As one of the most reliable license verification platforms on the market, Certemy is an ideal tool for HR operations teams who need to stay ahead of potential compliance issues and maintain their credibility.


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