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The job of a Human Resources (HR) team is never an easy one, with its myriad of administrative duties from onboarding to employee engagement. Among one of its most essential functions is confirming that each employee holds any required certifications, credentials, and licenses, as mandated by organizations, states, and professional bodies. Failure to adhere to compliance can have serious repercussions, including costly fines and reputational damage. That?s why trusted license verification tools are essential for HR teams looking to elevate their legal compliance process.

At the top of the list for license verification is Certemy, a comprehensive HR solution designed for professional certification verification. It integrates automatically with a companies existing HR software, and offers totally transparent license tracking and validation. This ensures that HR teams can be sure that their employees are all up to date in their qualifications, and can track changes in real-time.

Meticulous Documentation Monitoring

One of the key areas where Certemy is unparalleled in is the tracking and monitoring of employee certifications and licenses. Certemys automated primary source verification system constantly crosschecks the legal documents of a companies employees to ensure they are active and valid, and don?t have any sanctions or other disciplinary actions taken against them. The system also notifies administrators when key documents ? say an employees certification ? are due for renewal.

The need for such in-depth monitoring can?t be overstated; without assiduous documentation, companies risk severe non-compliance penalties, as well as associated financial and reputational damage. Certemys comprehensive system circumvents potential errors from manual processes, and ensures all documents are up to date and legitimate.

Constant Visibility and Control of Legal Compliance

Using Certemy is also key to staying on top of regulatory demands and reporting requirements for the organization. All of an organizations license and certification records are available in one, managed system of record, which makes it easier to keep abreast of company legal compliance. Additionally, a full audit trails ensures that all changes can be tracked. Certemy offers customizable workflows and settings as well, ensuring they can accommodate various different needs for different organizations.

At a Glance View of Compliance

The bottom line of using Certemy is the big-picture view of the legal compliance of the company. Company administrators will be able to readily discern whether or not all records and documents are up to date, realistically and quickly plan for renewals, and be more efficient when preparing reports and filing disclosures.


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