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When a business is looking to hire new employees, or renew certifications for existing ones, the process must be as streamlined as possible. It ishould be transparent with checks and records that are maintained properly. The old-fashioned processes of manual document checking and paperwork can be cumbersome and time consuming, while also leaving room for discrepancies.In a growingly compliant world, and comprehensive regulations around occupational licenses, a comprehensive yet efficient license verification system is necessary. An automated system provides the benefits of complete visibility, real-time tracking, and improved productivity with the use of pre-built workflows.

Certemy is the leader in license verifications, with an automated system that validates professional certifications and licenses across its users. This primary source verification system, which also complies with the latest industry regulations, offers employers significant benefits.

Tracking & Mitigating Risk

Certemys automated system enables employers to remain ahead of potentially non-compliant situations by tracking licenses and certifications real-time. Violating regulations can result in hefty fines, a tarnished business reputation, or, in some cases, foreclosure of operations.

Employers can leverage the system to view and manage licenses and certifications across an entire organizations workforce with one comprehensive and centralized system of record. It provides better visibility and control of the all the organizations compliance programs, by applying primary source verification.

Improving Staff Productivity and Overall Efficiency

Certemys automated license tracking system leads to operational efficiencies, gets rid of cumbersome paperwork, and also automates processes. Time is money, and Certemy helps save it. They provide pre-built workflows that are fully configurable to automate a lot of the license application processes.

In addition, with Certemys primary source verification, compliance remains transparently active at all times. This saves employers the time to manually track all licenses and renewals, and also heads off any potential issues related to expiring licenses.

Industry Leading Verifications

Certemy is trusted by many of largest US employers. Their license verification process is comprehensive yet quick and secure. The verifications are conducted by qualified personnel who carry out the checks using a secure system. what is more, they even provide background screening, allowing employers to quickly and conveniently access balance and understand if any listed credentials are currently in good standing.


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