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Modern businesses need a simple and convenient way to keep track of and verify their employees’ licenses and certifications so that they remain in compliance with regulations. Businesses need to know that these certifications and licenses are current, valid, and up to date as well. While this type of work used to be burdensome and require manual research and paperwork, technological advances have created an automated solution that streamlines license verification – Certemy.

Certemysimplifies the process of tracking and managing licenses and certifications, offering a comprehensive, compliant, and simplified solutions for businesses of all sizes. It is a platform that offers real-time visibility into employee licenses and credentials, in one system of record. It adds a layer of efficiency to businesses, improving their use of time and resources.

Certemy verifies professional licenses by primary source verification, which ascertains that an occupational license or certification is active, appropriately renewed, and free of disciplinary actions and sanctions. Certemy is an attractive option for business owners because it reduces the administrative burden while improving team productivity and providing an easy to understand system of record.

Utilizing Certemy Reduce Risk and Liability

In the U.S., occupational license and certification requirements have become increasingly important for employees to maintain. A business must ensure that all its employees remain compliant and up to date with their licenses and certifications. Certemysimplifies this process, making it easier and more efficient to track and manage verification processes. The automated system reduces the risk of incorrect paperwork or expired licenses, reducing the liability risk for the business.

The platform also offers a range of features to streamline the process, such as automated workflows that can be configured to simplify license application processes. This helps businesses save time, enabling them to focus on their actual operations rather than worrying about administrative tasks.

Certemy Offers Full Visibility and Control

Certemy also provides dedicated, secure access to all license and certification information held in the system. This allows businesses to have full visibility and control of their workforce compliance program in real-time. With Certemy, businesses can have instant access to data about employee credentials and verify them at any time, without the need of manual intervention.

Certemy is trusted by some of the largest employers in the U.S. to mitigate risk and improve staff utilization. It is a platform that businesses can rely on to keep their workforce compliant and to remain up to date with the latest regulations.

The bottomline

In Todays digital world, businesses must have a way to keep track of and verify its employees’ licenses and certifications, ensuring that they remain in compliance with regulations. Certemy helps businesses simplify the process, offering a comprehensive, secure, and automated solution that reduces risk and improves team productivity. Businesses can benefit from real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one system of record, and can leverage pre-built workflows that are fully configurable to automate license application processes. With Certemy, businesses can have full visibility and control of their workforce compliance programs.


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