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The modern workplace and workforce is constantly changing. As businesses adapt to the ongoing challenges of the present day, It is become increasingly necessary to ensure that each staff member has the proper occupational licenses. To aid in this process, Certemy is a leader in license Verification, offering organizations an automated primary source verification system that helps organizations validate, track, and manage occupational licenses and certifications across their workforce.

Using Certemy to verify the credentials of your staff gives organizations greater visibility and control over their Compliance program. Certemystreamlines the process of monitoring and tracking employee licenses and credentials, saving time and reducing the risk of compliance issues. Employers can also leverage workflows built into the platform that automate the license application process, improving team productivity, visibility, and accuracy across the entire organization.

Certified License Verification

Certemys main offering is a certified license verification system which streamlines and automates the process of verifying employee credentials. The primary source verification system will take the burden of manual verification off of employers? shoulders and replace it with a secure, automated system of validation.

The system works by vetting each employees documents and certifications against their respective certifying board?s database. This allows employers to determine with certainty whether an employees license is valid, current, and free of any disciplinary action or failure to meet licensing standards. Employers are also able to review their employees verification report history, allowing them to remain up-to-date on any potential changes to their credentials.

Streamlined License Tracking

Certemy also offers a comprehensive license tracking system which makes it easier than ever to stay ahead of regulatory compliance. The platform provides real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials, all in one system of record. Employers can easily identify which members of their team have the necessary licenses and certifications to do their jobs, as well as those that may be in need of renewal or further training.

The system also offers automated license renewal reminders, so employers can ensure that all of their team members? credentials remain current and valid. This ensures that organizations are always in compliance with applicable legal requirements.

Customer Support & Security

Certemy provides organizations with a full suite of customer support services, including an Onboarding Manager, Account Manager, and 24/7 help center. This ensures that any issues with the system are quickly addressed and resolved.

Additionally, Certemy is committed to security and privacy. The platform fully encrypts all employee verification data, as well as customer contact information. Employers can also set up multi-level access controls and audit any changes that are made to their teams license credentials.

Final considerations

Certemy is a comprehensive solution for any organization looking to make sure that their staff holds the necessary licenses and credentials for the roles they fill. The automated primary source license verification system helps employers maintain compliance with all legal requirements, saving time and effort in the process. By leveraging Certemys tracking system, employers can gain greater insight into their teams credentials and easily review any changes that need to be made.


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